Operculina turpethum ?;

identification no080611sn3:  This flower has not been identified yet.is it Datura sp.? kindly identify.

looks like Operculina turpethum from Convolvulaceae family

its Operculina turpethum from Convolvulaceae,

From another thread

By any chance could this be a half bloomed flower of Dolichandrone falcate  or Medhshingi? The leaves look similar. ”
“Can it be Rivea ornata? ” May be Rivea?? “


Ipomoea SN11521: 1 high res. image.
Wild climber near Chandrapur Maharashtra.

Operculina turpethum

Looks different from images at Operculina turpethum
I think it may be Merremia umbellata

Pl. check.

Looks different from both suggested ID ! Merremia umbellata Operculina turpethum

On further rechecking many genera, I think it is Merremia umbellata only. Pl. check the variations herein.

Do you have any more photographs? This is no Operculina turpethum.
Check Aniseia martinicensis (Jacq.) Choisy – POWO

btw, it is Ipomoea uniflora of FBI.

If stem has wing like structure this could be O.turpethum

Yes, Sir

Aniseia martinicensis iswrong ID. None of the flowers shows “sepals decurrent on the peduncle.”

I doubt it can be Operculina turpethum either – flower buds are very similar, but, in the uploaded pic 1) leaves are entirely different (though leaves are variable in convolvulaceae) (2) no wing can be seen on terete stem (3) anthers are not twisted!
I refrain myself from commenting on Merremia umbellata.

I will get back if I find a suitable alternative.

I withdraw my doubt  of the ID Operculina turpethum – as per FBI, (1) leaves can be oblong (2) stem can be nearly round. AND maybe anthers would twist later.
So, please go ahead with Operculina turpethum, I couldn’t connect it with any other FBI member.

What do you think of Merremia umbellata ?

Sir ji, I think in all M. umbellata uploads in eFI (1) leaf base is either cordate or sagittate (here none sagittate, mostly rounded) (2) corolla tube is a it narrower than this one (may be my illusion) and (3) there are pits (?) inside the base of corolla tube which can be seen in my pictures (3rd photo) too – efi thread.
GBIF has specimen with oblong leaf, from other other countries.
Certainly, this upload has more than one odds against it to be Operculina turpethum, yet I think it is the closest.

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