Gossypium herbaceum L., Sp. Pl. 693 1753. (Syn: Gossypium albescens Raf.; Gossypium album Buch.-Ham.; Gossypium amblospermum Raf.; Gossypium arboreum var. perrieri (Hochr.) Rob.; Gossypium aureum Raf.; Gossypium bicolor Raf.; Gossypium chinense Fisch. & Otto ex Steud.; Gossypium cinereum Raf.; Gossypium convexum Raf.; Gossypium croceum Buch.-Ham.; Gossypium decurrens Raf.; Gossypium divaricatum Raf.; Gossypium eglandulosum Cav.; Gossypium elatum Salisb.; Gossypium frutescens (Delile) Roberty; Gossypium fuscum Raf.; Gossypium herbaceum var. frutescens Delile .; Gossypium leoninum Medik.; Gossypium macedonicum Murray; Gossypium macedonicum Murray; Gossypium macrospermum Raf.; Gossypium micranthum Cav.; Gossypium molle Mauri ex Ten.; Gossypium nanking Meyen; Gossypium paniculatum Blanco; Gossypium perrieri (Hochr.) Prokh.; Gossypium punctatum Guill. & Perr.; Gossypium purpureum Raf.; Gossypium siamense Ten.; Gossypium simpsonii G.Watt; Gossypium strictum Medik.; Gossypium tricuspidatum Lam.; Gossypium vitifolium Roxb. [Illegitimate]);
Cultivated throughout in Cotton growing areas of India and throughout Tropical and subtropical regions of the Old World as per BSI Flora of India;


Gossypium species for ID: 1 image.

Gossypium herbaceum L. !

You’re right …

Gossypium herbaceum

Doesn’t match With Gossypium herbaceum

Open Edition Journals

Was it cultivated in fields ? When & Where ?

The Gossypium sp sent by me is found wild near Aurangabad MH in February ,2021 

It grows like a climber when it gets a support of nearby bushes. Flowers leaves fruits look totally different than cultivated species

I agree with the id suggested by … as per GBIF.



Malvaceae week 09 05 2011 UD 003 Gossypium herbaceum ‘nigrum’ NYBG 08: Since about 1999 we had been seeing this BLACK…actually a deep violet leafed cotton with very pretty  deep pink Hibiscus like flower … in several botanical gardens and some garden clubs … but I got my chance to do some digital photo taking in 2008 at NYBG… at the height of the summer of 2008 .. the flowers were just beginning to open when I ventured in…   no pods had developed yet…  but I can tell you they are usually about two inches and look like any regular cotton pods  and burst open in October ( or there abouts)  to reveal perfectly white regular cotton puffs….
Family:     Malvaceae
Genus:        Gossypium
Species:         G. herbaceum
                        Our cultivar is ‘nigrum”
Binomial name       Gossypium herbaceum “nigrum”
                                  Some write it as Gossypium herbaceum niger
This so far is a rare garden plant, people often wait for long time to swap seeds, and garden clubs are a good source in USA … some members may have some to swap…
I am just happy to look at my pictures… this plant was about  24 to 28 inches tall,  its spread about 3 feet, leaves were 6-7 inches long and 6 inches wide, fig 2 shows that its markedly hirsuit… and perhaps even  has
some glands??
Any experts on botany of cotton here?
Can you please tell us what these round dots are?
The flowers open in morning , are 4.5 to 5 inches in diameter.,  and close at nite…   pods develop slowly, bursting open in the fall… ( see above) .

Since it is a a cultivar the name also has to be within single quotes. Also I think Nigra (with capital N) is preferred cultivar name and as such correct name should be Gossypium herbaceum ‘Nigra’ or Gossypium herbaceum
cv. Nigra
Had this been a published scientific variety (unfortunately none has been published) the name would have been Gossypium herbaceum var. nigrum (with small n and in italics).

You are right, I had searched, found none… and so I thought I just did not know where to look…  may be I still dont… but its good to know it has not been published…



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