Lycium edgeworthii Dunal in DC., Prodr. 13, 1:525. 1852.
Schoenback-Temesy in Rech. f., Fl. Iran. 100:38. 1972. (Syn: Lycium
europeum auctt. non L.: Clarke

; Lycium
indicum Wight




Flora of Panipat: Lycium edgeworthii from Sodhapur Panipat:  Lycium edgeworthii from Sodhapur Panipat (220mts)
Wild on roadside area




Flora of Panipat: Lycium edgeworthii from Village Lohari : Attachments (5). 1 post by 1 author.

Lycium edgeworthii from Village Lohari





This is a very frequent shrub of our place.. bears small tubular flowers and branches with long spines..
Lycium europaeum …

Thanks, … GRIN does not give any range in India.
Is it cultivated ?

Thanks …, this is not cultivated anywhere as far as I know..
And I also think there should not be any identification issue, but better wait for experts..

Thanks, …, … has posted a similar plant as Lycium edgeworthii from Haryana.
Pl. check.

Thanks …, correct name for my posted plant should be Lycium edgeworthii ..


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