Rosa rugosa Thunb., Syst. Veg. (ed. 14) 473 473 1784. (Syn: Rosa andreae Lange; Rosa cinnamomea Ledeb. (ambiguous synonym); Rosa coruscans Waitz ex Link; Rosa fastuosa Hort. ex K. Koch; Rosa ferox Ait. (ambiguous synonym); Rosa ferox Lawrance (ambiguous synonym); Rosa kamtchatica Vent.; Rosa kamtchatica var. ferox Van Geel; Rosa kamtchatica var. nitens Lindl.; Rosa maikwai Hara; Rosa pubescens Baker (ambiguous synonym); Rosa regeliana Linden & André; Rosa rugosa C. P. Thunb. ex A. Murray; Rosa rugosa var. amurensis Debeaux; Rosa rugosa var. chamissoniana C. A. Mey.; Rosa rugosa var. coruscans (Waitz) Koehne; Rosa rugosa var. kamtschatica (Vent.) Regel; Rosa rugosa var. lindlana C. A. Mey.; Rosa rugosa f. plena (Regel) Bijh.; Rosa rugosa var. plena Regel; Rosa rugosa var. regeliana Wittm.; Rosa rugosa var. rubra Rehder; Rosa rugosa var. rubroplena Rehder; Rosa rugosa var. subinermis C. A. Mey.; Rosa rugosa var. thunbergiana C. A. Mey.; Rosa rugosa var. ventenatiana C. A. Mey.);            
China (E-Jilin, Liaoning, NE-Shandong), Japan (Hokkaido, Honshu), North Korea,
South Korea, Russian Far East, Austria (I), England (I), Denmark (I), Finland
(I), France (I), Germany (I), Ireland (I), Netherlands (I), Hungary (I), Norway
(I), Poland (I), Romania (I), Slovakia (I), Sweden (I), European Russia (I),
Estonia (c), Latvia (c), Lithuania (c), Belarus (I), Alaska (I), USA (I)
(Connecticut (I), Delaware (I), Illinois (I), Massachusetts (I), Maryland (I),
Maine (I), Michigan (I), Minnesota (I), Missouri (I), New Hampshire (I), New
Jersey (I), New York (I), Ohio (I), Pennsylvania (I), Rhode Island (I), Virginia
(I), Vermont (I), Washington State (I), Wisconsin (I), West Virginia (I)),
Canada (I) (New Brunswick (I), Newfoundland (I), Nova Scotia (I), Ontario (I),
Prince Edward Isl. (I), Quebec (I)), St. Pierre et Miquelon (I)
as per Catalogue of Life;

Rosa rugosa Thunberg in Murray, Syst. Veg., ed. 14. 473. 1784.
Another Asian species cultivated in UCBG, California


Rosaceae Week – Rosa rugosa var alba from Cardiff, Wales.
This beautiful rose shrub was photographed at Cardiff, Wales, UK.
Rose haw of this sp. are edible and usually cooked & strained for jellies.
Common name- White rugosa rose
Habitat- Wild
Date- July 2010.
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Location : Brooklyn Bridge, New York, USA
Date : 27 October 2013
Altitude  0 ft.
Rosaceae ..???

Rosa rugosa (Rugosa rose hips fruits). 

Thank you. Rosa rugosa Thunb. (accepted name)

Possibly Rosa rugosa; would need to see the flowers to be sure.


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