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For ID 230911 NS1: 2 images.
Melastomataceae family ???

Habit – Bush
Habitat – Planted
Location- University Of Pune Garden
Date- 12th Nov 2010.

Osbeckia for sure but which I m uncertain.
In some pics it looks like Osbeckia octandra and  in others like Osbeckia wayanadensis .

This is not O. wynadensis, I think. Please check Osbeckia chinensis, a creeping plant.

in 2-3 pics it does resembles Osbeckia chinensis but in most of the pics of O. chinensis the leaves are not ovate (as in my pic) but linear.  eg- http://www.flickr.com/photos/tony_rodd/4480735992/ .
If leaves of O. chinensis are ovate then this one is chinensis certainly.

I think … has a point by saying Osbeckia chinensis leaves are not but are linear-lanceolate.
You may see the diagram of O. chinensis drawn by Osbeck @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osbeckia
Now what species this could be I have seen O. waynadensis in the wild they are different.
Would you please let me know the number of stamens and whether they are of equal length or not.

Finaly identified by … as Heterotis rotundifolia.

131011GK_Heterotis rotundifolia: Heterotis rotundifolia (Sm.) Jacq.-Fél. (Syn: Dissotis rotundifolia and
Osbeckia rotundifolia Sm.) of Melastomataceae family. This plant is native to Tropical Africa. I got these pictures from a garden at Kalpetta, Waynad district Kerala.
Now, I feel the pictures posted (please find the link below) by … too would be H. rotundifolia. efi thread

A few pictures of a plant which I think belongs to Melastomataceae family from my garden.
Date: 8th and 11th Sep 2011
Location:  Trivandrum city
Habitat:  Urban garden
Plant Habit- Herb, prostrate spreading low along the ground
Leaves are 2-4cm long 1.5cm broad. Simple and opposite. Hairy. Rough to touch. Parallel veins.Exstipulate.
Flowers: Regular. 5 petals. Corolla mauve coloured, 2.5-3cm across. Petiole about 1cm long. 10 stamens. In two sets.  Stigma 1.
Branches are also hairy.
Calyx cup shaped covered with spiny hairs. 5 sepals.
 Minute seeds in large numbers.

I guess this is a same sp. we discussed few days before and identified recently by … as Heterotis rotundifolia. Here is d last discussion thread

Yes it is Heterotis rotundifolia of Melastomataceae family.
Please refer my earlier post few days back @ efi thread


Heterotis rotundifoliaHeterotis rotundifolia
Family : Melastomataceae
Earlier discussed on the group.
Observed as ornamental in a private bungalow in a flower bed Pune.


melastomaceae: 2 images. 2 Mb each.
This is a creeping gregarious plant with small leaves and flowers, resembling Melastoma. The height is only less than 20 cm. For ID please.

Kindly check for Dissotis rotundifolia, common names Spanish Shawl, Trailing Dissotis.

Yes, Dissotis rotundifolia
Had seen this in the VJBU nursery

You are right …

I have also seen & photographed at the same place.

Sharing few photographs of an ornamental plant from Veer Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai.
Bot. name: Dissotis rotundifolia
Date/Time: 21-01-2012 / 10:45AM.

Schizocentron elegans????????

It is true that the two are often confused, some websites even listing them as synonyms, but the two are quite distinct in petals, Dissotis rotundifolia having 5 petals as against 4 in Schizocentron elegans (now correctly Heterocentron elegans). Obviously … plant has five petals in all flowers, and should be Dissotis rotundifolia.


Please help me for identification of Melastomataceae : Attachments (1)- 2 Mb. 3 posts by 3 authors.
Any one Please help me for identification of Melastomataceae from kerala

Dissotis sp. of Melastomataceae family, a rare exotic now becoming a weed in our places.

Dissotis rotundifolia, I suppose


ID200109phk1 – indiantreepix | Google Groups : 4 posts by 4 authors. 1 image.
Pl. id the garden plant
photographed at Lonavala

… ¿ Melastoma ? … most probably M. malabathricum … please review garden cultivars and wild varieties.

Some sort of Melastomaceae, perhaps Dissotis rotundifolia

This is Melastoma malabarica, from the Melastomaceae family. It is a riparian plant in the western ghats and it is also used as an ornamental plant in gardens.

I think Heterotis rotundifolia as per images herein.


Melastomataceae for ID : Mumbai : 29MAR21 : AK-12: 2 images.
A small, cultivated plant.

Heterotis Species?
Heterotis rotundifolia?

Yes !

I concur with the ID.  I have come across with this cultivated plant.


Requesting a herb id_291022_1: 1 very high res. images.
A mat of plant with beautiful pink blooms. Near Kanithadam, peppara WLS.

I think it is close to the images at Heterotis rotundifolia (Sm.) Jacq.-Fél.



ID KZD 09/11/11/22: (Mixed thread): 1 image.
Please identify this Osbeckia species from Kozhikode district of Kerala 12/12/22

Heterotis rotundifolia (Sm.) Jacq.-Fél.

Please make a habit to post multiple images showing all aspects of plant parts for easy ID.