Pittosporum dasycaulon Miq., Anal. Bot. Ind. 3: 5 1852. ;
India (Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala) as per Catalogue of Life;
pit-oh-SPOR-um — Greek: pitte (resin), sporos (seed) … resinous seedDave’s Botanary
day-see-KAW-lon — Greek: dasys (hairy), caulon (stem) … hairy branchedDave’s Botanary


Names of Plants in India :: Pittosporum dasycaulon Miq.: via Species‎ > ‎P‎ > ‎  Pittosporum dasycaulon Miq. … family: Pittosporaceae
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pit-oh-SPOR-um — Greek: pitte (resin), sporos (seed) … resinous seedDave’s Botanary
day-see-KAW-lon — Greek: dasys (hairy), caulon (stem) … hairy branchedDave’s Botanary
commonly known as: hairy-branched pittosporumKannada: ಬೂಗರಿ bugariKonkani: गपसुंदी gapsundiMalayalam: അണലിവേങ്ങ analivenna, കശുമരം kasumaramMarathi: गपसुंदी gapsundi, इकळी ikali
botanical names: Pittosporum dasycaulon Miq. … synonyms: no synonym known … Biotik
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Photographed along Mattighatta Road, Karnataka on 15 DEC 12
Many thanks to … for the ID.

Here is the picture that shows Pitto-sporum, resinous seeds. 
It should be a species of Pittosporum, more possibly P. dasycaulon.

Thank you very much for the ID, …
Quite fitting to Pittosporum dasycaulon illustrated at Biotik.



ANJAN06/06 Pittosporum dasycaulon Miq. : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)
Family: Pittosporaceae
Date: 30th December 2015
Place: Kottigehara, Chikkamagaluru District, Karnataka

Habit: Short tree
Habitat: Semi-evergreen forest

Very nice? does it a  snake repellent species?

I do not know sir. Perhaps somebody else can help out!



ANSEPT61 Please confirm if Pittosporum floribundum :  3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2).

Yes it is Pittosporum napaulense (DC.) Rehder & E.H. Wilson (= Pittosporum floribundum Wight & Arn) 

This to me appears more closer to Pittosporum dasycaulon Miq. as per GBIF.
Looks different from images at Pittosporum napaulense (DC.) Rehder & E.H. Wilson 


Attigundi Road Karnataka
Date: 14 NOV 2016 … Altitude: ~ 1450 – 1600 m (4750 – 5250 ft) asl 
Pittosporum dasycaulon Miq. … (family: Pittosporaceae) 

May be Pittosporum napaulense as inflorescence of Pittosporum dasycaulon looks different.
But I am not sure.
Pl. confirm.

Thanks … for resurfacing this post for validation.
This ID came from …, and I am convinced about it as Pittosporum dasycaulon.
The  the fruit cluster reminds of the dense flower cluster.
Inflorescence of Pittosporum napaulense is much sparser (not dense / close as seen in P. dasycaulon).

Thanks, … That may be possible as I was vacillating between the two, time and again. So decided to put my views here.


Image by Aung SI at Flora of Karnataka should be of Pittosporum napaulense as per images and details herein.
Pl. correct.

Looking at the seed image ( my post) and distribution it  you may be right …!



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