Some orchids currently flowering at KFBG: Just trying to show some orchids flowering currently in the garden and one special surprise.

Will post further details when I post their pics separately. Unable to get time just now.
Hope you will like them.

Bulbophyllum lobii
Dendrobium primulinum (Kew says D. primulinum is synonym of Dendrobium polyanthum, we believe they are different).
Dendrobium thyrsiflorum
Phalaenopsis gibbosa
Spiranthes hongkongensis (this is Endemic to Hong Kong)
Tainia hongkongensis
Tainia ruybarrettoi
Bulbophyllum auratum
Dendrobium scoriarum
Holcoglossum amnesianum
Brown Tree Frog (Polypedates megacephalus) having good times at KFBG!!

Holcoglossum amnesianum is the only orchids in the world which is currently known to be self pollinated in wild.
…, The tree frogs have padded finger tips to stick to the surface and hence they can climb trees. Now a days around every fresh waterbody you can hear around 2-3 species of frogs calling.


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