Oberonia tenuis Lindl., Fol. Orchid. 8: 3 1859. (Syn: Iridorchis tenuis (Lindl.) Kuntze (Unresolved); Iridorkis tenuis (Lindl.) Kuntze; Malaxis tenuis (Lindl.) Rchb.f.);


Oberonia tenuis_241011GK_01: Oberonia tenuis of Orchidaceae family. The size of a single flower is 2-3mm!

Distribution: South India and Sri Lanka. (I haven’t got any other relevant information about the distribution this tiny orchid)
In India, so far, It has been reported from mid elevation ranges of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Yes as … says it was bit of pain to deal with this tiny beauty! First to focus and then to correct the dance in the wind…
For long time I have been trying to get the close up shot of this pretty tiny flowers now with the new 105mm micro Nikkor I got it!

It’s really difficult to differentiate different Oberonias.
Is this(2-3mm) the smallest size of any orchid flower?

I have to check whether this is the smallest orchid flower, at least in India.

I would soon upload some more Oberonia flowers soon.


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