Herb with oblanceolate to obovate leaves, up to 12 cm long, nearly entire, upper leaves smaller, lanceolate; heards 5-7 cm across, in different colours, sometimes double.


Garden Flower for ID : 250711 : AK-1:
Taken at Kodaikanal on 24/10/2008.
A small garden plant, cultivated.
… ..is this the same Aster you had identified earlier?
Leaves can be seen.

May be Aster amellus


Italian Aster (Aster amellus)


Asteraceae Fortnight : Part 1 – Radiate Heads : Aster amellus : Kodaikanal : 130513 : AK-26 : Attachments (3). 1 post by 1 author.
Aster amellus photographed in Kodaikanal on 24/10/13.
Posted on our group earlier and identified by … and …
Garden flowers, cultivated


Asteraceae For ID : Sri Lanka : 200513 : AK-3 : Attachments (2).  2 posts by 2 authors.
Picture taken on 18/11/2010 at Nuwara Eliya which is around 1900 meters above sea level.
A cultivated, ornamental.
Unfortunately I have only one picture.

Aster amellus L. ?

Yes, appears so as per images at


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