Common name: Ant Tree, Long John, Mulato Tree, Long jack

Tree for ID:
Location – PUNE
flowering stage

Form – Tree
Date – 21 th October, 2011
height –10 to 15 mtrs
Fruits –not seen
flower colour — greenish white —-pink —–brown
Please help with the ID

Looks like flower of some Shorea species.
(this hint got from a post on your facebook wall)

This can be a Shorea species, may be S. roxburghii?

Is there any chance of Engelhardita spicata ??

you might be right…Engelhardita spicata
at this url it says its found in se asia including India …
of the pics submitted 22, and 14 match their pics…
not seen in surroundings or Kolkata…
not listed in trees of kolkata book from 1946 either…
neither is it in various other popular books (as in those for lay people) by Bombay NH Soc… and some other books
Calling …: do you have this listed in your books on flora of Maharashtra?

Please mark the pinnate leaf, axillary inflorescence and unequal fruiting wings in the illustrated provided in your link. Photographs uploaded here shows none of of these features. Therefore, I’ll not go with Engelhardtia (Engelhardia in Fl. China).
Posting my photos of E. spicata in a separate thread.

i am not at all agreed with Engelhardtia spicata bcoz that plant seems to a member of dipterocarpaceae family instead of juglandeaceae.
kindly have a close watch…

I feel its Triplaris surinamensis – Popularly known as Helicoptor tree in South America. I have seen few in Guyana. Family – Polygonaceae.

I apologise on my wild guess….Actually I find similarities of the flowers only from the first pics. … is right.. It might be some other sps.
… It is found as wild in North bengal too, popularly known as “Mawa” or “Mewa”(in Nepali)
I am attaching my photographs on this sps in separate threads

yes it is Triplaris sp.



ID No. MS 130812 -98- Tree in full bloom in Lalbagh , Bangalore:
A beautiful tree species of Polygonaceae . A tall tree with a towering trunk and weak side branches.
Photo taken on 13.08.2012
Place Lal Bagh.
Name and possible ID : Triplaris suranamensis
ID confirmation requested.

Nice pictures … I think you are correct about the id. The accepted name however is Triplaris weigeltiana as per TPL

The tree is located alongside the Rose garden on the way to Glass house ( West end gate to Glass house).

I have seen this tree in Guyana (South America).This is also known as Helicopter Tree due to winged Fruits. Botanically known as Triplaris weigeltiana.



Trees of Lalbagh, Bangalore – RA – Triplaris weigeltiana, (Rchb.) Kuntze <=> Ant Tree:
Ant Tree is a tree growing up to 5 m tall or more.

Leaves are nearly stalkless, 10-22 cm long, 4-6 cm wide, acute apically, wedge-shaped at the base, entire, longitudinally lined, and with numerous pairs of prominent lateral veins. Flower spikes are 6-10 cm long, bearing numerous ovate to ovate-lanceolate, hirtellous bracts, pistillate perianth accrescent and enclosing the fruit, three of the sepals much enlarged, 2.8-3.2 cm long, 4-5 mm wide, suffused red purple, showy. Achene are about 1 cm long (including the style), the styles red purple.
Ant Tree is native to South America.
(Ref. Flowers of India )


MS/ID/DEC/2020/1- ID of the tree.: 2 images.
I  request the members to I D this tree species. Photographed in Chennai.
Dipterocarpus sps ???

Dipterocarpus indicus Bedd. ??

Is ID correct …?

Thanks …  The ID is not yet finalised .
This is what … remarked:
“yes it is a Dipterocarpaceae member
Since the wings of the fruit are 3 it is Shorea species, but leaf  is variable, close to S.roxburghii but not completely match with my collection”

Was it planted?
Appears to be a shrub rather than a tree?
I could not find a match as per existing species at Dipterocarpaceae

It is planted in Theosophical Society campus, Chennai. Photographs received from one of my friends for I D.
I have requested for  the habit photo. But not yet received.

Triplaris weigeltiana
3 images.

I am posting few more pictures received  from Chennai. Now, it looks it could be a species of Triplaris as suggested by …
5 images

For me it looks the ID by … is correct.

Thank you, yes it looks like Triplaris weightiana


Request Tree ID 175: Bangalore – RA : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (9).

Artocarpus ?

It may be Triplaris americana.

Taking it as Triplaris weigeltiana (Rchb.) Kuntze (syn: T. surinamemsis) in view of other observations and as per references herein.
The two species are quite close and can be distinguished by the following differences:

  • mulato tree (Triplaris surinamensis) has male and female inflorescences with hairless or slightly hairy branches (i.e. glabrous or puberulent axes). The relatively large male (i.e. staminate) flowers have petals 5-7 mm long and stamens 5-8 mm long.
  • ant tree (Triplaris americana) has male and female inflorescences with very hairy branches (i.e. velutinous axes). The relatively small male (i.e. staminate) flowers have petals 2-3 mm long and stamens 3-4 mm long.

Looks different from images of Triplaris americana as per POWO



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