Bangladesh (N); India (N) ; Arunachal Pradesh; Assam ; Myanmar (N); Thailand (N) as per ILDIS;
Common name: Robust Bead Tree • Garo: Sanchi, Sanchi-bloma • Miri: Porghum • Mizo: Pa-rual-thing


Fabaceae (Faboideae) Week_Ormosia robusta_RKC_08_08112011:
Ormosia robusta Baker
Loc: Itanagar, Papumpare distt., Arunachal Pradesh (ca 300 msl)
Date: December, 2005.


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Location : Aizawl, Mizoram

Altitude : ca 980 m.
Date : 17-04-2018
Habit : Evergreen tree
Habitat : Wild
Mizo name : Pang-kawi


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Date :27-06-2014
Location : Lengpui, Mizoram
Altitude : ca. 400 m.
Habit : Small to middle-sized evergreen tree; somtimes small tree
Notes : It grows wild
. Fruit not eaten. 4-6 seedlings/saplings are usually growing in a place like a clump of bamboo

This is Connarus monocarpus. Please check this link : Google Groups

It is Bhesa robusta (Roxb.) Ding Hou

I do not think it is either. The leaves are divided like that of Connarus (But not Bhesa) but the fruit looks different. The base is too regular and not oblique as in Connarus. And I cannot see the aril. Is it possible to send larger images? All l I can say it is not Celastraceae!

This tree might be Ormosia robusta.


Sir, I am attaching herewith another photos of same tree to help correct identification.
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This is Ormosia robusta, id by Dr. Dilip Kumar Roy, BSI, Shillong.


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Pecharthal Tripura
Kindly identify the species

The fruits have some similarity to Manila tamarind. But not Manila tamarind.

Pl. check Ormosia robusta Baker


Only a  suggestion. I am not an expert. Looks like Ormosia species. I remember to have seen O.pinnata fruits looking somewhat similar to this.. But where? I do not know..

Thanks, …, for the genus id.
Appears close to Ormosia robusta Baker as per comparative images at Ormosia
Hi, …, What are the species reported from your area ? Do you have the keys?
Can we see close up of the leaves?

Pl id the tree collected from Mizoram : 6 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)

pl. id the tree (twig) collected from Mizoram Univ Campus
Tree: up to 7 m tall
10-11 tree seen
Flowering: not seen
Fruiting: seen orange-yellow
stem of the twig: beset with fine, dense, white puberulous hairs
Date: 27/06/2017

Might be celastrace family.

Seems any Meliaceae

It is Connarus paniculatus [Connaraceae]

Ormosia robusta ?

I think you are right as per images at Ormosia robusta


ON THE IDENTITY AND OCCURRENCE OF ORMOSIA ROBUSTA (FABACEAE: SOPHOREAE) IN INDIA (2014)- (Abstract- The paper deals with the revised taxonomic description of Ormosia robusta Baker along with photographic illustration based on live plant material, which is the first authentic report of its occurrence in Meghalaya and Mizoram.)