Alysicarpus roxburghianus Thoth. & A.Pramanik (Syn: Alysicarpus bupleurifolius (uct. non (L.) DC.; Hedysarum bupleurifolium auct. non L.);


Name of the species: Alysicarpus roxburghianus
Family: Papilionaceae
Place of collection: Ranpur, Nayagarh, Orissa
Habit: Herb
Habitat: Wild, grasslands, rice fields, forest boundary
Altitude: 100 to 300 m above msl
Description: Perrennial herb or under shrub, 30-100 cm, much branched, leaves linear, acute, glabrous above, stipels minute, caduceus, recemes 7-15 cm long, terminal, bracts ovate, acuminate, two flowered, flowers pale rose or pinkish brown,

A good set of photographs.
Do you know whether the internodes were ribbed?

Yes they are ribbed. But at that time i had not observed and focusing on flowers only.