, dwarf bean, field bean, flageolet bean, French bean, garden bean, green bean, haricot bean,
kidney bean, navy bean, pop bean, snap bean, string bean, wax bean; Rajma;
Scandent annual with trifoliate leaves; leaflets thin, ovate to rhombic-ovate; flowers white or purplish on peduncles shorter than leaves, few-flowered; pod up to 20 cm long, slightly flattened, seeds kidney shaped.


Fabaceae-Faboideae (Papilionaceae) Week: RVS14: Phaseolus vulgaris:  Phaseolus vulgaris, the beans, from Bangalore, KA.




VoF Week: 19092012 BS 6 Fabaceae cultivated climber for id from Village Pulna:

Fabaceae cultivated climber for id from Village Pulna

Seen in cutivated fields in the way to Ghangriya

RajmahPhaseolus vulgaris


Memari-skDec10 – Phaseolus vulgaris L. : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (6).
All uploads of this species in our database may not be correct

Rajma : 5 posts by 3 authors.
Anyone cay say the botanical name of plant generally called as “Rajma” and we are using the seeds as food.


Please check: Cicer arietinum VS. Phaseolus vulgaris.

Let us wait for validating comments.

Thanks for ID. Cicer is not matching.

Re: Phaseolus vulgaris L. : 8 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)- 1 & 3 mb.
Location:  Harthok, Palpa
Date: 25 September 2019
Elevation:1400 m.
Habit : Cultivated 

Attachments (3)-1, 2 & 2 mb. 

Attachments (1) – 6 mb.

Attachments (3)- 1, 2 & 2 mb. 

Attachments (2)-1 & 4 mb.

Attachments (1)- 6 mb.

yes. can you open one. is it purple kidney shaped bean inside?

It Is 350 km away. Expecting some seeds soon.

Purple Beans seen in the vegetable section of the Flower Show in January.

I guess Phaseolus vulgaris L.!

Bush bean. I concur with … ID.

Looks different from Phaseolus vulgaris as per images and details herein.
Maybe Mucuna pruriens var. utilis as per images and details herein.

As per Beans for ID : Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Bangalore : 20JAN20 : AK-25, in this green and purple pods are available, which will give white and black seeds respectively.

I guess it is matching with :Phaseolus vulgaris L

No, …, it looks different.

Neither the leaves nor the pods are matching.

But does not look like Mucuna sp.

Pl. go through details and references at Mucuna pruriens var. utilis

… has posted the same species from Lalbagh at the same time (Jan.2020) at Beans for ID : Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Bangalore : 20JAN20 : AK-25

Thanks … Frankly, both the Species were new to me.

Was seeing them for the first time.

But both looks completely different. And I am totally confused!

Same here … I do not find any similarity between the two.

On further search, I found it to be some cultivar of Phaseolus vulgaris as per

Thanks … Actually, I had met one Dr Shiv Prasad near the Vegetable Section of the Flower Show.

Although a doctor by profession, he has a Facebook page similar to Indian Flora.
He knew all the names of the beans.
But I can’t recollect that site now.

I should have taken down his contact number.


Botanical Name: phasaleous vulgaris: 1 high res. image.
Location: RAJOURI, jandk

Habit: Herb (cultivated)
Date: 15-05-2021


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