Key to Paraquilegia species in India (Modified from Pulsakar & D K Singh, 2011) :

1. Leaves 3- to 4-ternate; bracts 3-lobed; leaflet segments less than 3 mm long, shorter than petal nectaries, less than 1.2 mm broad; habit slender; flowers April-May …… P. microphylla (Royle) J R Drum.
1. Leaves 1- to 2-ternate; bracts simple (not 3-lobed) …….(2)
2. Plants pubescent; leaves usually 1-ternate; sepals 10-12 mm long; foliage thin greenish; leafsegments 4-11 mm long; follicles 10-12 mm long ……. P. caespitosa (Boiss. & Hohen) J R Drum
2. Plants glabrous; leaves 2-ternate or sub 2-ternate ……(3)
3. Seeds glabrous, margin unequally winged (pectinate) on one side; leaf segments 3-sect with narrow lobules; bracts present on upper 1/4th (distal) region of scape; style apex curved or recurved-hooked; habit caespitose; leaflet segments longer; leaflet segments longer than 3 mm, longer than petal nectaries,broader than 1.5 mm; habit caespitose; flowers June-August , ….. P. gangotriana Pulsakar & D K Singh
3. Seeds puberulus, not winged; leaf segments 3-lobed with broad lobules; bracts present at about slightly above the middle of scape; style apex straight or slightly curved …….. P. anemonoides (Willd.) Ulbr.

Paraquilegia gangotriana Pusalkar & D.K.Singh (India (Uttaranchal, Himachal Pradesh), Jammu and Kashmir as per CoL)



Species with description & keys from Flora of Pakistan (Distribution):
Paraquilegia anemonoides (Willd.) Ulbr. (Altai, Pamir, Tien Shan, W. China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir)
Paraquilegia caespitosa (Boiss. et Hohen.) Drummond et Hutchinson (An obviously very rare species, that is distributed in the mountains of N.E. Iran, Afghanistan, the Pamir-Alai and Tien-Shan. Reported from Kashmir by Drummond and Hutch. (l.c.))

Species with distribution in annotated checklist of Flowering plants of Nepal (Distribution):
Paraquilegia anemonoides (Willd.) Ulbr.
Paraquilegia microphylla (Royle) J. R. Drumm. & Hutch. (3400-4900 m; C. Asia. Himalaya (Kashmir to Bhutan), S. Siberia, Mongolia, Tibet, W. China)

Species with description & keys in Flora of China (Distribution):
Paraquilegia anemonoides (Willdenow) Ulbrich (Alpine meadows, fissures of rocks; 2600–3400 m. N Gansu, Ningxia, N Qinghai, Xinjiang, W Xizang [Afghanistan, Bhutan, Kashmir, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Russia])
Paraquilegia caespitosa (Boissier & Hohenacker) J. R. Drummond & Hutchinson (Gravelly and shady slopes; ca. 2900 m. SW Xinjiang (Wuqia Xian) [Afghanistan, Kashmir, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan; SW Asia])
Paraquilegia microphylla (Royle) J. R. Drummond & Hutchinson (Cliffs, fissures of rocks; 2700–4300 m. SW Gansu, Qinghai, W Sichuan, Xinjiang, Xizang [Kazakhstan, Nepal, N Pakistan, Russia, Sikkim, Tajikistan])