vpsinghID24102011: 1 correct image as above.

4 fotos FYI & NA Pls, thanQ experts

Please send the photographs in separate links and help the taxonomic experts to identify the plants in a systematic way. Otherwise, this would create confusion. Nevertheless, the second photograph looks like one of the Mimosa species. Please provide details as to whether the plant is a herb/shrub/ a tree etc. It is not possible to guess the habit of the plant based on the flowers and to identify the correct species.

Mimosa species in Nagaland : 1 post by 1 author.
Traversing the roads in and around the Doyang Reservoir in Wokha District of Nagaland I couldn’t help but notice the vegetation on the side of the roads. It was mainly Mimosa species with their delicate pink flower heads that dotted entire stretches on either side of the road. Being an invasive weed it seems to be spreading unchecked. I was expecting to see a diversity of plant life but this was not so. I suppose as we build roads we also provide (unintentionally) an opportunity for rapidly growing, invasive species of plants to spread further!

Incidentally, apart from the thousands of Amur Falcons stopping in this area prior to their momentous migration to South Africa there is very little animal life. The Naga’s penchant for hunting and eating everything is well known but that is another story!