Pl. find the attached file contain photo of flower bud and fruits of Polyalthia suberosa, from NBNP Garden, Anaikatti, Coimbatore.
Location, Anaikatti, (640 MSL) Coimbatore Dist.,


Polyalthia cerasoides (?) from Hooghly:  

The book “Plant Groups” (by H. Mukherji) mentions one Annonaceae member as Polyalthia cerasoides Benth. & Hook.
I searched the net to obtain more info –
  1. Polyalthia cerasoides (Roxb.) Benth. & Hook. f. ex Bedd. and its synonyms –
  2. Polyalthia cerasoides (Roxb.) Bedd. + synonyms + distribution –
  4. description of Polyalthia cerasoides
  6. pictures of Polyalthia cerasoides (Roxb.) Bedd. –
  7. more pics of the above –
Probability of Miliusa tomentosa can be ignored, because –
Very well researched, …
But, I think, the posted pictures are not of Polyalthia cerasoides.
Please check for P. suberosa.

It turns out that very well played but returned scoring a duck 😀
Thank you for the correct ID, it explains the problem i faced with the bark colour. Description of flower also matches.
Found in the group – efi thread. But, this post at – efi thread 2 may need a revisit.

I agree with … comments. See the monocarps description.

Thank you for confirming the ID. I do agree fully with … or your view on this plant, it is Polyalthia suberosa.


Images by Nadeem Waqif (id by Santhosh Kumar & Navendu page)

Bush for ID, Tiruvannamalei, Tamil Nadu NAW-OCT-16: 6 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (7).

Kindly identify this bush with red fruits photographed in the herbal garden at Tiruvannamalei, Tamil Nadu in September 2014.
Bush about a metre high. Red fruit about 6 mm diameter. back of leaves slightly lighter green than top of leaf.

Polyalthia sp.

May this be Polyalthia suberosa? similar to pictures shown in earlier query on the eFI.

Yes this is Polyalthia suberosa 



Polyalthia/Goniothalamus? SN 15Jan 06 : 2 posts by 1 author. Attachments (4)

Wild shrub or small tree from Kancheepuram district of Tamilnadu

Polyalthia suberosa (Roxb.) Thw. 




July2015sk14/16 — Polyalthia suberosa (Roxb.) Thwaites : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (3)

Very beautiful … new for me, thanks for showing this !!

Thank you Sir, earlier, in 2012, it was identified by …

Those are beautiful images please contribute to IFB

My pleasure, …, attached here larger resolution for your perusal.



Request ID of shrub : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)
Request help to ID a shrub. Photographed in Muzaffarpur, Bihar in Dec-Jan 2015

I think it is Polyalthia suberosa..  

I also agree with … for Polyalthia suberosa as per images herein.



Polyalthia suberosa from Chandigarh.. : 8 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (6)
Here am attaching some images of Polyalthia suberosa (Annonaceae) taken from Panjab University, Chandigarh in June 2018..!!

wonderful. bark pictures? do you have?

Polyalthia suberosa : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)
Polyalthia suberosa (Roxb.) Thwaites (ANNONACEAE)

Photo from Edible Fruit Plants Conservatory of JNTBGRI, Trivandrum


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