Image by Bhagyashri Ranade 

Conyza species;

grows barely above the ground
Leaves are green arranged in a whorl
never seen any flowers or fruits

… this is called a basal rossette.. I donot know what it is… very common in many weeds including go-jiwha, dandelion, chickory etc to name a few… cant say from basal leaves… which by the way often are different from what appears later on further up as the top develops… wait and watch what kind of inflorescence develops
and the flower/ flowers… colors, pattern branching etc…

I think it is Conyza bonariensis

I have observed this plant and surrounding other similar plants for almost a month, very slow growth , no stem has grown out of this whorl of leaves as yet and neither flowered.

Any possibility of it being Conyza sumatrensis as the basal leaves form a rosette and are lanceolate with toothed edges with very soft hairs . the leaves feel like velvet

It is a distant shot so not very clear, but if young heads are in flower it could be C. canadensis, but if in flower we can think about C. sumatrensis. It is a very tall plant than C. canadensis with much shorter ray florets and comes to flower in August-September, whereas C. canadensis generally completes flowering in in June July. It is very common around this time in Kashmir. We saw lot of them in Chakrata last year.

Thanks Sir I will try to see some enlarged view of this