Pangi contributions – al081011: I continue barraging with the flowers for id.. hoping that it helps in adding something to the database.. even though all of you have already contributed a lot in Himalayan flowers…
Location Pangi Valley
Altitude 3000 mts

Habit Herb
Habitat wild
Plant height 24-30 inches

Indigofera heterantha

I am adding a similar looking plant photo taken from Sabarmati, Ahmedabad Date Oct-11
Habitat Wild.
Height around 4′

This is not Indigofera, perhaps some Vicia sp.

The plant posted by … may not be Indigofera, but the habit suggests this should also not be any Vicia, rather I think this can be Tephrosia purpurea.

I too think it is Platterbse (Lathyrus), but there are so many varieties.

I think it is Lathyrus humile. It has been reported from Chamba too. But simple tendril are not visible in your photo please confrim it.

Lathyrus humilis does not have more than six flowers in a racemes. This could be L. emodi in which there could be up to 12 flowers. Ultimately tip of leaf should be in focus to take better decisions.

Lathyrus humilis (Ser.) Spreng.

Does not match with neither Lathyrus humilis nor L.emodi as per leaflets are more and not paripinnate as per descriptions in FoP 1FoCFoP2 and as per

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