Jasminum dispermum Wall., Fl. Ind. 1: 99 1820. (Syn: Jasminum quinquenerve Lamb. ex D.Don [Invalid]);
East Himalaya; India; Nepal; Pakistan; West Himalaya as per Catalogue of Life;


jasminum officinale from the oleaceae family
growing near chakki mor a few kilometeres from parwanoo in himachal pradesh
first week of march

Jasminum officinale has pinnate compound leaves with much narrow acuminate leaflets and usually white smaller flowers. i see simple mostly cordate leaves in this plant.

It seems that the leaves are trifoliate, But as pointed out by …, I too don’t think that this is Jasminum officinale.

It is jasminium dispermum

In J. dispermum also, the leaves are odd-pinnate. IIIM
Please tell us whether the leaves are pinnately compound with an odd leaf at the tip or the leaves were simple.

They seem like a compound leaf with an odd tip.
attaching some photographs of the flowers.
It does seem like Jasminium dispermum as suggested by …

…Now, I too think that this could be J. dispermum. According to the flora of China it shows lots of variations.

I read that before posting….seems to be the closest

It is definenly Jasminium dispermum. it has odd pinnate leaves. 


SK35801FEB-2017:ID : 7 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (10)
Location: Nagarkot, Nepal
Date : 31 January 2017
Altitude : 7000 ft.

A climber? If so, the leaves suggest Jasminum sp. (Oleaceae).

Jasminum species in eFloraofindia (with details/ keys from published papers/ regional floras/ FRLHT/ FOI/ Biotik/ efloras/ books etc., where ever available on net)

Did not find any match to the list as per the link below:
and additional listed as below for Nepal :
Jasminum polyanthum
Jasminum elongatum
Jasminum nervosum

Possibly id of another thread by … may help in resolving this also. 

Reply from another thread for a similar plant: It is Jasminum dispersum.
 hope it is the same species.

Correct spelling is Jasminum dispermum

While checking in the web leaves do not look like matching.
Any further opinion please.

Further, I guess images of flowers and leaves in the google and efi does not match.

I think matches with herbarium images as below:

Thank you all for validation of ID. Jasminum dispermum Wall. (accepted name)
Nepali Names : लहरे जाइ Lahare Jaai / चिनिया चमेली Chiniyaa Chamelee

Happy that the set is complete ! Same location 31 March 2017 ! Attachments (11)

Location: Nagarkot, Nepal
Date: 12 December 2017
Altitude: 6800 ft.
Attachments (5)

To me, it appears Jasminum dispermum


Same plant on 2 April 2018 !
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Beautiful clicks of Jasminum dispermum



Jasminum dispersum AT MAR 2017/08 : 5 posts by 3 authors. 2 images.

Jasminum dispersum Wall.
April 2014

Have not seen this species!!

I have seen it only near Solan in H.P.


Jasmine sp. for ID ABFEB2017/07 : 10 posts by 4 authors. 4 images.
These climbers are at several places between 1700-1800m here but I have found only a few in flower. Those plants are high above a retaining wall with no close access. The leaves have 3-7 leaflets and have marked veins. Please advise.
Mcleodganj, HP
13 February 2017

Is it the same plant ?  Mine is 5 leaves set.


It certainly looks similar to the ones here. Hopefully we will get the ID soon.

It is Jasminum dispersum.

Thank you …. I will collect more data when I return to Dharamshala in a couple of days.

Correct spelling is Jasminum dispermum


A small shrub (or woody liana?, not sure); flowers whitish or slightly tinged pink, in cymose clusters; calyx very short, barely 1/6 of corolla tube with triangular teeth; corolla tube 3-5 cm long (?), slightly expanded near throat, lobes spreading.
Photographed from near Naukuchia tal on way to Nainital in Uttaranchal Pradesh


Sir this was a climbing shrub not woody. I am attaching some pics here

This looks like Jasminum sp. to me.

Common Jasmine (Jasminum officinale)
Flowers of India

Ahrub for ID from Naukuchiatal, Uttarakhand-GSMAY2016/12 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)

Please help in the ID of this climbing shrub photographed from Naukuchiatal in Uttarakhand on April 13, 2012.

Sir, this can be checked for Jasminum sp.; seems close to Jasminum dispermum Wall. (Oleaceae).

Yes, agree with the ID by … It is J.dispermum (Oleaceae).

If attached pic is a Jasminum, which one is it?
Picture is of plant growing in Gangtok, Sikkim.

Could it be Jasminum flexile?

I got one suggestion that it is Jasminum dispermum.
Other experts may please confirm. This is growing wild in Gangtok and has very few flowers, but the stems are so tough, especially when we try to remove them while weeding.  In fact its foliage is more attractive than the rather nondescript flowers hidden away among the other weeds.  I actually used the twine-like strong stems like a rope to tie up some other rambling plants!

I agree with id of Jasminum dispermum Wall. as per images and details herein.


Jasminum dispermum Wall. : 6 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4) – around 400 kb each.
Location:  Sakiyong Khasmahal, Pedong Reshi Rd, India
Date: 16 May 2018
Altitude: 5800 ft.
Habit : Wild

Location:  Sukhiapokhari, Darjeeling, India 
Date: 12 May  2018
Altitude: 7200 ft
Habit : Wild

Attachments (10) – around 600 kb each


Jasminum dispermum AT/MAY2019/20 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)

Jasminum dispermum
Pink Jasmine
March 2015
Solan (H.P.)

Yes, lovely.


Jasminum dispermum Wall.: 3 very high res. images.

Location: Timure, Surkhet,  Nepal
Altitude:  2100m.
Date:  22 March 2022
Habit : Wild