Bauhinia monandra is a species of leguminous trees, of the Fabaceae family.[2] Common names include pink bauhinia,[3] orchid tree,[3] and Napoleon’s plume.[3]  

Naturally they grow in Madagascar, but have naturalised in Burma, Australia, Christmas Island, the Caribbean, southern USA and the Pacific Islands.[4][2]  
(From Wikipedia on 2.1.14) 

Bauhinia monandra Kurz from BPT Gardens, Mumbai.

Oh what a great close up of an unusual tree.
Just one stamen and one carpel in a flower. Good illustrations of leaves as well.




Fabaceae-Caesalpinioideae (Caesalpiniaceae) week-Bouhinia monandra: as seen near Agumbe.



Fabaceae-Caesalpinioideae (Caesalpiniaceae) Week: Bauhinia for ID March 2010 Pune: A large tree planted in Botanical garden Pune University.
I could observe only these few flowers on top. Shot with zoom full on.
Rest of the tree was leafless. Picture taken in end March 2010.
On close observation I think it has only one stamen per flower suggesting Bauhinia monandra.
Please validate.

Needs further investigation of this interesting tree.

March is approaching, worth visiting again and to locate some fallen flowers.

Yes Sir. After some learning, the cycle sets in the mind and we just wait to capture the plants in flowers which were skipped earlier.
It took me nearly 5 years to nearly complete the catching of most of the flowers on Vetal Tekdi. I am not still confidant to say that I have seen and captured all wild flowers but I think so.

Bauhinia monandra Kurz

Thanks. Indeed Bauhinia monandra