ID request- Ladakh plant–231011-PKA1:
Seen this herb spreading on the sandy soil near a village “Puga- sumdo”. No leaves were seen and the stem was pinkish-red.
Date/Time: 14-09-2011 / 09:45AM
Location: Puga Sumdo, Ladakh, (Altitude: approx: 14100 ft).
Plant habit: herb
Habitat: Wild

Could this plant be “Halogeton glomeratus??” Just a wild guess…

I contacted Miroslav Dvorský (Czech scientists who had worked on the “Flora of  Ladakh” (http://www.butbn.cas.cz/ladakh/main_english.html).
He has identified this as Halogeton glomeratus (M. B.) C. A. Mey.,


Chenopodiaceae and Amaranthaceae Week :: PKA3 :: Halogeton glomeratus at Ladakh:
This is one more from Ladakh.
Bot. name: Halogeton glomeratus.
Family: Chenopodiaceae.
(This wild herb was seen spreading on the sandy soil near a village “Puga- sumdo (Altitude: approx: 14100 ft)”, Ladakh. No leaves were seen and the stem was pinkish-red).


Ladakh, August 2022 :: Halogeton glomeratus for validation :: ARK2022-136: 5 high res. images.
This was at Fotu la, Ladakh (4108 mt. ASL on the Srinagar Kargil route) in August 2022.
Halogeton glomeratus
I arrived at the ID based on FoI and eFI pics. Requested to please validate

Some more pics.

The flowers were so small that it was difficult to get them in focus.

Yes. beautiful images.

Wow!!! Great collection!!!

I also agree with id as per images at Halogeton glomeratus

Yes, Halogeton glomeratus, Beautiful images.