Lindernia madayiparense, Ratheesh, Sunil & Nandakumar;
two more new species from Kerala: 8 posts by 6 authors. Attachments (2) – Impatiens johnsiana.pdf & lindernia madayiparense.pdf
I am herewith attaching two new species described by Ratheesh Narayanan and team.
I would like to say few words about him, he is not only a good taxonomist but an excellent silent field worker and a great lover of RET plants of Western Ghats. For his doctoral program he carried out Flora of Wayanad district, Kerala and collected 2034 wild plants. He also described some plants like Miliusa wayanadica, Oberonia swaminathanii, Miliusa gokhale, Impatiens veerapazhassii, Impatiens minae, Impatiens mohana, and Memecylon wayanadica. (Sorry if I missed some) I am sure we can expect some more new taxa credited to him.
Ratheesh sir, please accept my wishes for your future endeavor.