Torenia bicolor Dalzell, Hooker’s J. Bot. Kew Gard. Misc. 3: 38 1851. ;

Decumbent annual; stem 4-angled, ciliate along the ridges near the nodes. Leaves 1.5-3.5 x 1-2.2 cm, triangular-ovate, base truncate or subcordate, margin serrate, apex acute, sparsely pubescent, membranous; petiole 1-1.5 cm long, sparsely hirsute. Flowers axillary, solitary or in pairs; pedicels 1.5-3 cm long. Calyx 1.2-1.5 cm long, keeled; keel decurrent on pedicels, glabrous. Corolla 2-2.5 cm long, deep purple or tube yellowish and lobes deep purple. Stamens 4, didynamous; anthers connate in pairs; appendage of staminal filament short, stout. Ovary oblong. Capsule 1-1.5 cm long, oblong, included; fruiting pedicles to 3.5 cm long. Seeds subglobose, rugose.

Flowering and fruiting: Throughout the year
Marshy areas
Western Ghats

Torenia bicolor is endemic to the Western Ghats, reported from Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

It grows in open moist places along the ghats and in coastal plains. The common habitats are waterlogged rocky plateaus, fallow rice fields, stream edges etc.
(From  IUCN Red List (LC) )


Kerala Wildflower ID request – efloraofindia | Google Groups : 5 posts by 4 authors. 3 correct images as above.
just returned from a wonderful 6 days in Silent Valley and Thattekad. Would appreciate ID of the attached images.

I think the purple flower belongs to the genus Torenia (Family Scrophulariaceae). I don’t know the species. We call it ‘kakka poovu’ (crow flower) in Malayalam which used to be common in our paddy lands and wetlands.

I think Sandhya ji is right. It can be Torenia asiatica (= T. bicolor).
The first picture could be of a Burmannia species.

The first one looks like Burmannia coelestis.

… is right. These images are of Torenia bicolor Dalzell

Please help me to identify this trailing herb found on a mud road. Is it any Scrophulariaceae?
Leaf: 2-3cm across
Flower: 5cm long
Herb trailing herb with rooting at base
Date: 01 Aug 2012
Alt.: 1088 m asl
Place: Solayar, Valparai, TN

Yes it is Torenia bicolor of Scrophulariaceae family.


131011GK_Torenia cordifolia:  Torenia cordifolia Roxb. of Scrophulariaceae family.

Photographed from a coffee estate in Sringeri 12th October 2011. The area is under total destruction as they use herbicide to kill all plants other than coffee. I havent seen this pretty species with beautiful flowers elsewhere even in the surrounding forests.
I had put some stems in my friends farm who keeps the local Orchid species in the soppinabetta forest that belongs to him.

I think Torenia bicolor Dalzell as per images herein.


ANAPR34 Torenia bicolor Dalzell : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (7)

Family: Linderniaceae
Date: March 2015
Place: Aralam WLS, Kerala
Habit: Herb
Habitat: Riparian

Beautiful pics …

Does not matches with other images at Torenia bicolor Dalzell
Also does not match with images of Torenia travancorica at
Also does not matches with the only image of Torenia courtallensis, I could find on net at (first in the bottom row):
Same images are on Flowers of India site & needs a re-look.

Torenia bicolor shows huge variation from place to place.
Here it says riparian.
I think the plant in the given picture is T. bicolor only.

Thanks, for the id of Torenia hirsuta in another thread.
May I also request you for the id of this plant also (in view of your publication on similar species at Research Gate which we are not able to identify so far.

The photos you send is of Torenia bicolor Dalz.
It is a common plant.

Thanks, …,
Pl. see the calyx in … images.
It is so different from images in other threads already identified as Torenia bicolor Dalzell at

No sir, it is bicolour only. I had discussed this with my Ph. D student. He is also of same opinion

Thanks, …
If it is so, than the images in the following links/ threads should be of some other species, looking for wide difference between the calyx, habit of the plant etc.:

As per another thread:
It’s a variation only. So it doesn’t mean that these two are different species.


… has send the following link (Identity of Kerala plants only) and they found some differences.  Please go through the picture and see what all these are.  You can contact him directly also and send me a copy also:

It is confirmed that all the images (except the first one) attached with the link corresponds to Torenia bicolor Dalz.

Thanks, …
If the images at the following link are of Torenia bicolor Dalz.
Than the images at ANAPR34 Torenia bicolor Dalzell (also identified as Torenia bicolor Dalz.) are going to be of some other species.
Please confirm.

It’s a variation only. So it doesn’t mean that these two are different species.

Thanks a lot, …
Than what can be the species at Kerala Wildflower ID request – efloraofindia | Google Groups as corolla & calyx and other aspects look similar except for the habit.

Same species, T. bicolor Dalz.


149-TSP-ID-31JAN2018-1: A herb @ Kuduremukh for ID assistance. : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)

Kindly examine and identify this plant. Could this be a Torenia sp 

Habit: Herb 

Habitat: Wild,grassy blanks 

Sighting: Kuduremukh,Chikmagalur,Karnataka,about1400 msl 

Date: 12-09-2015

Pl. check

Thanks for the lead … I think it matches with Torenia bicolor.

Torenia bicolor
Thattekkad, near Kothamangalam, Kerala First week of October 2018