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VOF week: Ceropegia sp. enroute Joshimath: 15 posts by 12 authors. Attachments (5)
This is my first upload from my VOF trip.
Seen this climber en-route Joshimath. Its a Ceropegia sp. (Family: Asclepiadaceae).
Requesting ID for this Ceropegia sp.
Habitat: Wild.
Date/Time: 06-08-2012 / 12:00PM.

This is wonderful…..All the way I was imagining for Ceropegia at VoF but no success, at last some one got it and this makes me happy.

……… of the beautiful Ceropegia.
This may be Ceropegia macrantha Wight, Thank you for sharing.

… has also suggested the same ID.

Opinion from …, Research Scholar, Dept. Botany, Shivaji University

It is Ceropegia decaisneana

I had chat with …, he thought the posted Ceropegia is from Southern India, therefore, he made possible ID of it. Ceropegia decaisneana is described by Wight from south India not from north.

This is from North therefore possible ID is Ceropegia macrantha Wight. Even … is also agree with this.

Unfortunately, I found a very strange looking Ceropegia during one of my Himalayan trip. It was raining heavily so I was carrying plant in my hand and couldnt take pic. When I reached the road, I realised all flowers were missing :(.

Somewhere in my head I have a hunch that it was a new species. It was very strange, white flower with reduced front lobes forming a kind of turban on the top of flower.
:(( But gone!!!

Ceropegia macrantha seems to be the right ID:

ceropegia macrantha lovely click