Euphorbia prostrata ?;


efloraofindia:”For Id 12112011MR2’’ ?Euphorbia prostrata Pune:
Nov 2011
Kindly help Id this wild herb growing prostrate in Pune
Leaves – green elliptical
could not make out flowers and fruits

I wish if the last picture is focused properly.
I have a suggestion in this regard.
Keep your palm just below the plant/objrct while focusing. Remove the palm after the object is focused but don’t remove the focus button once the object is focused, straightaway click after removing your palm.
You get a focused picture.
When you shoot a single object when there are lots of other space in the frame the auto focus in the camera tend to focus the vast area in the frame other than the small object, unless you proffered for single point (center) focus. But unfortunately this wont work in auto mode of most of the compact and point ant shoot cameras. You have to use manual/shutter/aperture mode to prefer focus point.
If you always use auto mode then you try practice the aforementioned method it works.
Few suggestions for consideration for the plant in the picture Chamaesyce thymifolia, C. hypericifolia and Euphorbia prostrata.
Further, I think you forgot to reduce the file size.

Thank you for your kind guidance to capture better focused images.
Actually so far I have been using my N95 cell phone which has a 5 megapixel camera to capture images. In the past I have managed to get excellent videos for our hospital and clinic staff training from this camera. But as you have pointed out I am not able to get good photos and sometimes out of focus pictures of plants. Today I have used a better camera to capture images of the same plant and got some better images. Attaching the pictures of the same
Looking at these pictures does it favor the plant being Chamaesyce thymifolia as suggested by you. Also the plant was not completely prostrate .

I can’t believe that you were/are using a mobile camera to capture these pictures.
I was thinking of a compact digital camera.
It is a great effort and thanks goes to N95 as well for showing us such wonderful pictures.
Your pictures were clearly showing characters of plants.
Now, I think Chamaesyce thymifolia is a possible id.
I think … would validate the id.

I think … plant looks more like Euphorbia prostrata (syn. Chamaesyce prostrata), based on appearance of the fruits.
Referring to … post at efi thread
… and others may please validate.

Chamaesyce thymifolia for me.


I am sending this small herb cosmopolitan nature.
Date/Time-29 /05/2010
Location- Place, Altitude, GPS-JNU, New Delhi
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type- Wild
Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb- herb, in clusters
Height/Length- 4-7 cm in length
Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size- compound

… this looks like Chamaesyce thymifolia, commonly known as: thyme-leafed spurge, chickenweed, dwarf spurge, gulf sandmat, red caustic creeper.
However the reddish colour of flowers is missing … please wait for clarity.

I think Euphorbia serpens, … had recently identified for me

Euphorbia serpens indeed nice to see the plant again , it really tough to ID this plant when uploaded by …

To me appears more closer to Euphorbia heyneana rather than Euphorbia serpens as per images and details herein.

May I request you to pl. post high resolution images as it may turn out to be Euphorbia prostrata as per discussions at Euphorbia Herb for ID : Bangalore : 01OCT20 : AK-02