Rhamnus triquetra (Wall.) Brandis, Forest fl. N.W. India 92 92 1874. (Syn: Ceanothus triquetrus Wall.Colubrina triquetra Wall. ex G. Don);
Pakistan, Western Himalayas from Jhelum to Kumaon, Kashmir as per Flora of Pakistan;
Pakistan (Pakistani Punjab), NW-India (Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra), Nepal, Pakistan (Pakistani Punjab, Hazara, Murree), Pakistani Kashmir (Mirpur), Jammu & Kashmir (Kashmir) as per Catalogue of Life;
Common name: Three-Lobed Buckthorn • Hindi: Galodan, Gaunt, Gulodan


VoF Week: Tree seen En-route Joshimath:   I had seen this Tree en-route Joshimath. Photos were taken while our Bus was moving.
Could this be some Bridelia sp (Family: Euphorbiaceae)??
Date/Time: 06-08-2012 / 10:50AM

Can be Rhamnus triquetrus in my opinion…..

Agree with …


Rhamnus triquetra (Wall.)Brandis : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (5)

Rhamnus triquetra
Family – Rhamnaceae
Synonyms – Ceanothus triqueter Wall.
At Hamirpur, HP
Altitude – 750metres
Date – 24 September 2017

Shrub for id from Manali- NS 2012:  6 images. This shrub with minutely dentate leaves, small black, shining berries, borne in axillary umbellate cymes was shot from near Hidimba temple in Manali, kindly id..

… please check Polyalthia suberosa of Annonaceae?

No …, it never be P. suberosa

Yes … is right. In my first look except fruit arrangements, i did not noticed the long petioles, leaf arrangements, dentatte margin and the ending branches which are not the characterstics of P. suberosa. Kindly try to Id the species. Thanks for correcting me.

Is it not Rhamus virgatus?

Thanks a lot, …
I think it is more closer to Rhamnus triquetra (Wall.) Brandis as per comparative images at Rhamnus and as per keys in Flora of Pakistan

Gaundar UK, medium-size tree: Request for id: 2 images- 1 high res.
Please check the attached images.

Captured at Gaundar UK, medium-size tree.
Only these 2 images of the same tree.

Rhamnus triqueter