Cynoglossum microglochin var. nervosum (Benth. ex C.B.Clarke) Y.J.Nasir, in Fl. Pakistan 191: 163 1989. (Syn: Cynoglossum nervosum Benth. ex C.B.Clarke; Cynoglossum petiolatum var. nervosum (Benth. ex C.B.Clarke) Bennet; Omphalodes nervosa Edgew. ex C.B.Clarke);
Habitat: sloping meadow
Habit: herb, about 1.5 – 2 m high; flower about 8 – 10 mm across long, could not locate any fruit
… the pictures are insufficient for getting to species; will be happy to know genus.

May Be Cynoglossum microglochin var. nervosum

I think yes

VoF Week: Cynoglossum microglochin var. nervosumfrom Govindghat Ghangriya Trek:

Cynoglossum microglochin var. nervosum from Govindghat Ghangriya Trek
Pls validate

Very good photographs …


VOF Week 300812_DS_07:  Shot this plant bearing tiny dark mauve coloured flowers on the way to VOF 14 August’12.
Please help to identify.

I hope Cynoglossum microglochin

Cynoglosum nervosm.

Yes it is known as C. microglochin var. nervosum



VoF Week :: DV :: 02 AUG 12 – 0414 :: another blue & purple borage along trail leading from Ghangaria to Valley of Flowers: 2 AUG 12
Valley of Flowers about 9100 ft

Habitat: along forest path on mountain slope
Habit: herb, about 1 m high, with long flowering stems; flower about 4 – 6 mm across, single nutlet about 2 mm across
… did not capture leaves and stem of the plant.

didn’t we something similar in the western ghat pics you showed, so the question similar stuff grows in both the mountanous regions?

Yes …, some plants similar to those in Himalaya grow in the Western Ghats.

I hope Cynoglossum microglochin var. nervosum

Boraginaceae sp- FMN-5—— at VoF entrance and Ghangaria: Boraginaceae sp- FMN-5—— at VoF entrance and Ghangaria.

May be Cynoglossum microglochin var. nervosum?????

I think yes

Good photographs


Images by Nidhan Singh (Id by Umesh Kumar Tiwari) (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more images & complete details, click on the links) 

VOF Week: Boraginaceae herb for Id 2:   This herb was shot from near Gobind Ghat, going way up to Ghanghriya…id help required..

May be Cynoglossum microglochin

Can it be Cynoglossum microglochin var. nervosum as per keys in FOP ?






Yet another Cynoglossum ABAUG01/01 : 3 posts by 2 authors.
If I am not mistaken I have now seen four varieties of Cynoglossum here–two with bright blue flowers, one with smaller white flowers, and now this with pink/mauve flowers similar in size and shape with the blue varieties. Polunin and Stainton catalogue only two species C. glochidiatum and C. zeylanicum (p. 279, Flowers of the Himalaya) which have both blue 8mm flowers and could point to what I have seen here but the illustration in the book for C. glochidiatum shows the leaves too hairy to correspond correctly to the plants here.
Col. Collett lists four species C. furcatum with pale blue or white flowers (but leaves and stems with brown appressed hair), C. micranthum also with small pale blue of white flowers (could be our white flower variety), C. wallichii with dark blue flowers and C. microglochin with larger dark blue flowers (p. 331-333, Flora Simlensis). He adds that C. microglochin with 1/2 inch dark blue flowers is common at Dalhousie.

Another book (Tibetan Medicinal Plants by Christa Kletter, Monika Kreichbaum) treats C. wallichii and C. glochidiatum as synonyms and adds another species C. lanceolatum to the list. I am not sure which one are we looking at here.
Above Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, HP
2-3 August 2015
Flowers same size as the blue variety. Leaves variable size, smoother than the blue variety. Stalks with white hair. 3 images.
A blue variety with the pink one (a different sample from above). 1 image.
Colour comparison; 4 images..

Cynoglossum species in eFloraofindia (with details/ keys from published papers/ regional floras/ FRLHT/ FOI/ Biotik/ efloras/ books etc., where ever available on net) 

To me it appears closer to Cynoglossum microglochin var. nervosum as per keys in FOP & as per comparative images at Cynoglossum

Images by Ashwini Bhatia (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more images & complete details, click on the links)  


Cynoglossum wallichii? ABJUL01/14 : 3 posts by 2 authors. 5 images.
These Forget-me-nots are attracting a lot of small butterflies (Hedge Blues, Sapphires). 
Barbed Forget-me-not, Cynoglossum wallichii– Please confirm.
Above Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, HP
17 July, 2015.

We have only Cynoglossum wallichii var. glochidiatum so far in efi.

I think this may also be Cynoglossum microglochin var. nervosum (Benth. ex C.B.Clarke) Y.J.Nasir as per details in FOP and as per your posting in another thread

Thank you … I am not certain whether the photos in this thread match my specimen. … photos are closer. The barbed wire appearance is pronounced on my sample with smooth glossy leaves. I need to look them up again this year and study afresh.

forget me not : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2).  
Two photos of ‘forget me not’ from Bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh
Growing wild. Earlier I found this plant at Sangla.
There are a number of songs starting with forget-me-not. It is also the emblem of Canadian Alzheimer Society. In New Foundland 1st July is known as Forget-me-not day. In German legend each flower was named by God, but this small herb was left some how- so it cried- Vergissmeinernicht Herr Gott. God said- well it would be your name-(In German it means forget mine not – not me).
It is Myositis, there are several species, this is perhaps scorpoides. and belongs to Boraginaceae.

I was delighted to see the pictures of Forget-me-not. These floweres look different in Alaska where it is the National flower of the state. The colour is similar but the plant there looks different.
Every house in Alaska will keep Forget-me-not in flowere pots as they also believe it brings good luck.
Thanks for the story as well !

Cynoglossum sp. for ID ABFEB2017/05 : 5 posts by 3 authors. 8 images.
I was surprised to find this Cynoglossum flowering on my walk today. I am not sure of the species. Hopefully there is enough evidence in these photos to reach the correct ID. Please advise.

Above Mcleodganj, HP
12 February 2017

I must pass with this.
Although only a small number of Cynoglossums (as the genus was considered previously i.e. not counting those transferred from Lindelofia) are recorded from the Himalaya – 8 according to ‘Flowers of the Himalaya’, there is no RELIABLE up-to-date check-list for the NW Himalaya,
let alone a RELIABLE Flora with detailed descriptions and meaningful keys.  Or indeed RELIABLY determined pressed specimens in most herbaria.
Yes, Flora of Pakistan covers the OLD Cynoglossum but there may well be species in H.P. not within this (which only includes Pakistan territory & Kashmir). This Flora is out-of-date in relation to present-day treatments. How reliable it is, I cannot access but would have some doubts.
SOME members of the Boraginaceae are difficult if not impossible, to be certain as to the species, without MATURE fruit.
The images available are of young flowers only.
One PROBABLY could narrow the photos down to a couple of possibilities or probabilities – though I cannot but wonder how good the most recent revision of the genus is.
I do not have the time available to scrutinise all the Himalayan species of this genus at this time. 
I cannot see how one can have confidence SOLELY by attempting to match these images with those available on the internet (which may well be unreliable).
For me, I would leave it as Cynoglossum sp.  and RETURN to the images IN THE FUTURE.

Pl.  Try to check comparative images in EFI. 

Thank you … for explaining this. In due time I will get the fruits and attempt an ID.

To me it appears close to images at Cynoglossum microglochin var. nervosum (Benth. ex C.B.Clarke) Y.J.Nasir as per comparative images at Cynoglossum

Cynoglossum sp. ABJUL2017/16 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (16)

I am once again attempting to ascertain the identity of this Cynoglossum species which is quite common here and is in flower right now.
The plant has shiny leaves, the lower ones quite large (upto 30cm) and stalked while the upper ones are stalkless and become gradually smaller as they climb. Both leaf surfaces are covered in short white hair but appear smooth and glossy to the naked eye. The lower leaves tend to rot and fall off easily. The plant is roughly 80-90 cm high, much branched and taller than broad. The flowers are tiny (about 6mm across) and blue. The nutlets are 4 with about four rows of spikes (two on the edges, two on the face).
My plant could be C. microglochin var. nervosum, but I am not entirely convinced. Please advise.
Dal Lake and around, Dharamshala, HP
1850m approx.
15-16 July 2017




SK933 06 JAN-2018 : 6 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)

Location: Mudkhu, Nepal 
Date: 18 July 2015
Altitude: 4400 ft.
Cynoglossum … ????

Yes. Pl. check comparative images in efi site. 

Close to images at 


Only two sp. C. lanceolatum and C. zeylanicum are listed in
Kathmandu valley according the Flora of Kathmandu Valley.
and 5 in Nepal as per efNepal. So could it be other than your

I think same is the position with some of your threads identified as this species. 

This is as per comparative images in efi site. Either our images are incorrectly identified or it has spread to Nepal since the checklist was prepared or it has always been there but overlooked in the Checklist. 
If you can do in depth studies with the keys and descriptions and come out with different findings, it will be appreciated. 
This species was published in 1989 in Flora of Pakistan as per the link. I think checklist of Nepal is before this. Distribution given in Flora of Pakistan is Afghanistan to Kumaon. Thus there is every likelihood of this being found in Nepal. 

Yes , that could be possible. I need to get help from some botanists of Nepal !



Saw this along the Ghangaria-Hemkund trail, Uttarakhand in Aug 2018.
Requested to please provide ID, is this Cynoglossum microglochin var. nervosum?.

Thanks, … I also agree at first glance. 



SK1770 30 Jan 2019 : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (9)- around 600 kb each. 
Location : Okharpauwa, Nuwakot, Nepal
Date :  30 January 2019

Elevation : 1600 m.

Habit : Wild 

Which Cynoglossum flowering at the end of  January ?

Pl. check comparative images at 

Is it listed in Nepal ? POWO says so but not the EFN. By the way is the flowering season matching ? Not matching  with FoI.

Mosts of the posts in the efi is in the month of August and some in July but this sp. is in Jan. So bit confused. Did not find any links in the net

showing flowering months for this sp.


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