Pedicularis porrecta Wall. ex Benth., Scroph. Ind. 52 (1835).;
Common name: Paired Flower Lousewort 
S-Himalaya, Nepal as per Catalogue of life;
3600-4600 m; Himalaya (Chamba to Sikkim), S. Tibet as per Annotated checklist of the flowering plants of Nepal;





Pedicularis porrecta from Valley
pls validate

I think yes

Wonderful! One peculiarity of Pedicularis porrecta is that there are only two flowers in each node. Your pictures illustrate it well.

Pedicularis porrecta Wall. ex Benth., ; Scroph. Ind. 52 (1835).

Photographed from near Tungnath in Uttarakhand




Pedicularis porrecta? ABAUG2017/17 : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)

One last pedicularis from my Indrahar trek. Could this be P. process? Please advise.
Pedicularis porrecta?

Indrahar pass trek, Dharamshala, HP
3500m and above
28-29 July 2017

I think appears closer to images at Pedicularis porrecta



on 13/8/10 during the trek from Ghangaria (around 11,000 ft.) to Hemkunt Sahib (around 14000 ft.); Flora of Uttarakhand- Herb47 for Id- JM – efloraofindia | Google Groups



This Pedicularis sp. is from Vasundhara falls. Its a erect herb and leaves were blackish brown.

Pedicularis porrecta???

Yes Pedicularis porrecta    


Requested to please ID this Pedicularis seen after the reaching the Valley of flowers, Uttarakhand in Aug 2018.
These look different than the ones I posted earlier today.

I think close to images at 

Thanks … for the ID. They do look similar.



unknown Pedicularis : 3 posts by 2 authors.

would anybody know the species name?
ca 3000m above the forest in a dry meadow
Nepal Sherpaland (green trail on photo)

I think Pedicularis porrecta Wall. ex Benth. as per comparative images at Pedicularis



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