Silene caespitella F.N. Williams, J. Linn. Soc., Bot. 38(268): 403 403 1909. (Syn: Melandrium neocaespitosum Y.W. Cui; Melandrium xainzaense L.H. Zhou; Silene maheshwarii Bocquet);



VOF Week: Silene sp-1: along “Vasundhara falls- Mana Route”:
Seen this Silene sp. (Family: Caryophyllaceae) en-route Vasundhara falls.
Date/Time: 11-08-2012 / 09:30AM.
Habitat: Wild
Plant habit: Herb

I think Silene indica…..

The flower size here was much smaller as compared to flowers i had spotted in Valley. Could this be some other Silene sp…. As such i do not have much idea about Silene sp…

I hope Silene tenuis.

Sir leaf shape in Silene tenuis is acicular…this may be different sp. any match is not there in Flowers of Himalaya.

I think this may be Silene gonosperma

I think it is a better choice.

Silene gonosperma is close but doesn’t quite agree I think. The descitption says “Petals included or rarely slightly exserted beyond calyx, dark violet”. That doesn’t seem to be the case with the plant here.

From Flora of Chamoli

Stem laxly dichotomously branched
  Finally Pubescent, seeds strongly granulate on sides
    Petals bid styles 3……………………… S indica…………………….. 2400-2700 mts Fl fr Aug-oct
    Petals fimbriate, styles 5
      Fringe Short, segments entire……S. thomsonii…………………300-3800 mts Fl fr August
      Fringe long, segments 2 lobed ….S. edgewothii………………..2500-2800 mts Fl fr Sep-Oct
Description of S gonosperma ssp himalensis var himalensis– Glandular pubescent scape like herbs, radical leaves, linear-lanceolate, flowers solitary purplish-white, sometimes 2-3. Fl Fr September-oct. 4000-5000 mts
S edgeworthii, S falconeriana, S gonosperma ssp. himalensis var himalensis, S indica and s vulgaris are reported from Valley or nearby areas
And I am Confused…………………..

This should be Silene caespitella which is characterized by two-lobed petals which are reddish or greenish white, velvet-hairy stem and narrow lanceshaped-linear stalkless leaves. The swollen sepal tube has dark green to blackish red veins and triangular teeth.

Caryophyllaceae Week: :Silene caespitella ?? along “Vasundhara falls- Mana Route” -PKA13:
Seen this Silene sp. (Family: Caryophyllaceae) en-route Vasundhara falls.
Bot. name: Silene caespitella ??
Date/Time: 11-08-2012 / 09:30AM.
Habitat: Wild
Plant habit: Herb.

Perhaps needs to be checked. The species is supposed to have much smaller flowers, many in number, with calyx hardly 5-7 mm long.

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14.11.12SP6  :
Pl. identify following  plant.
Date: 14.11.2010
place: Dalhousiae, Chamba district in Himachal Pradesh

May be Silene tenuis 

Silene for sure

Appears closer to images of … at Silene caespitella F.N. Williams ?


SK 3287 03 January 2022: 2 very high res. images.

Location: Jumla, West Nepal
Altitude: 3400 m.
Date: 24 August 2021 
Habit : Wild
Which Silene  ??

I think it appears close to images at Silene caespitella F.N. Williams, as per comparative images at Silene.