Impatiens maculata Wight, Madras J. Lit. Sci. 5:12. 1837;

Images by (Muthu Karthick – Id by Tabish), Prashant Awale & (Vijayasankar Raman – validation by Prashant Awale), (For
more photos & complete details, click on the links)



Spotted Balsam, Spotted Jewelweed;
Endemic to the W.Ghats of Tamil Nadu and Kerala;

Impatiens (Balsam) for identification 070912MK01:

Please help me to identify this Balsam plant abundant locally in a wetland habitat in western ghats.

Leaf: c. 10cm long
Flower: 2cm across
Date: 05 Aug 2012
Place: near Valparai, TN
Alt.: 1000 m asl
Habitat: marsh land; associated with other Cyprus and Ericaulon species; near a private estate

Date : 09.12.12                                                            
Location :Madhikettan Shola near Munnar
Altitude :abt 5000 ft
Habitat :Tropical evergreen forest
Habit :herb
Height :1 foot
Leaves :as depicted
Flowers :as depicted
Fruits : not seen
Previously posted in eflora by … and myself; Identified by … as Impatiens maculata
Local name :not known 



Bot. name: Impatiens maculata
Family: Balsaminaceae,
Location: Munnar, Kerela.
Habitat: Wild
Plant habit: Herb.

Very good pictures. I can sense the texture of the petals. Very good find.

Balsaminaceae, Geraniaceae and Oxalidaceae Week : BALSAMINACEAE : RVS 6 : Impatiens maculata : 3 images.  6 posts by 5 authors.

This endemic Impatiens is also from the W.Ghats of Tirunelveli, TN.
Experts please confirm if this is I. maculata

Great photographs …, especially the cute fruit.

Nice find again. It does look like I. maculata.

Lucid photos …, For me this looks like I. maculata only… is this endemic to Southern WG?

yes, as per GRIN, this species is endemic to the W.Ghats of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.



Impatiens maculata at ENP Munnar- PKA40 : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)
This herb was spotted near Eravikulam National Park, Munnar.
Bot. name: Impatiens maculata

Family: Balsaminaceae,
Photos are not very clear ..

wonderful. seems most of these impatiens are by water bodies.

Thanks … Yes, many of them were in near vicinity of water bodies..



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