Cucurbit for ID 18 Sep 2012.:   Please ID this climber found in dry scrub forest 80 km south of Pune. Stems terete, green, 1-2 m long; tendrils simple. Leaves 3-5 cm, broadly ovate, angled, serrate, turgid; petioles 2-3 cm. Flowers unisexual on same plant; male flowers in short axillary racemes; female flowers fascicled around petioles; corollas 5-6 mm, greenish yellow. Fruits 2 cm long. Photographed in August 2012.

… my guess Zehneria … could be Z. scabra.

Please check with Corallocarpus epigaeus (Rottl. & Willd.) Clarke

Syn: Bryonia epigaea Rottl. & Willd.

… to me, you are on the dot !

Thanks … for the lead, it is indeed Corallocarpus epigaeus (Rottl. & Willd.) Clarke as suggested by you. The sp. epithet is alluring to large tuberous roots. 



Wild Creeper for ID : Oman : 201112 : AK-2: Found this creeper growing wild on a mountain slope in Muscat.

Pictures taken on 4/10/12 and 16/11/12.
During recent visit to the same place, I could notice tiny fruits pointed at one end.
I seem to have missed the flowers.
Looks like a Cucumis species?

Very interesting species !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Try with the Coralocarpus genus of Cucurbitaceae.

After clues given by you, I could find only one picture on searching, leaves & fruit which look similar to my pictures.
Corallocarpus mendesii.
Experts kindly help!!

This climber of mine has been identified by … of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew as Corallocarpus epigaeus.

Does not seem to match with images at Corallocarpus epigaeus (Rottler) C.B.Clarke


Thanks, … But the other images at Corallocarpus epigaeus (Rottler) C.B.Clarke look different.

You may send pics of flowers and ask the Botanist to send salient features and locality, time of collection, etc.
As per pics and my observations/opinion it is C.epigaeus.



Climber for ID ” 24102013 : RV 3 Attachments (4). 6 posts by 5 authors.

Need help to identify this climber flowering & fruiting in wild near Hampi region, Karnataka….
picture taken on 16th Oct,13.

Corallocarpus conocarpus of Cucurbitaceae. Flowers seen in first picture are male flowers.

Sir this is Corallocarpus epigaeus in telugu ‘Naga sampanna gadda’

It is Corallocarpus epigaeus. In Gujarati it is called ‘Mirchi kand’.



Cucurbitaceae : I’d confirm pls : 5 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3)
Location : Porbandar, Gujarat
Date : 03-09-2018
Habit : climber
Habitat : Wild

These three photographs (i.e. IMG_20180903_105646__01.jpg, IMG_20180903_105653__01.jpg, IMG_20180903_105657__01.jpg) are of Corallocarpus epigaeus (Rottl.) C.B.Clark [Cucurbitaceae]. 

In Gujarati it is called kadvi nai



Re: Cucurbitaceae 1 : 5 posts by 3 authors. 1 image.

This climber is from Kavali, Andhra Pradesh
Kindly identify

Looks like a Corallocarpus Species. 

Pl. check comparative images at 

Thanks, …, for the initial id.
To me looks close to images at Corallocarpus epigaeus (Rottler) C.B.Clarke


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