IUCN Red List Status: Vulnerable (VU)
Ulmus wallichiana Planch., Ann. Sci. Nat., Bot. III, 10: 277 1848. (syn: Ulmus erosa Wall.; Ulmus wallichiana var. tomentosa Melville & Heybroek; Ulmus wallichiana subsp. xanthoderma Melville & Heybroek);
E. Afghanistan to Nepal: Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan, West Himalaya as per POWO;


Ulmus wallichiana from Harwan, Kashmir:
Ulmus wallichiana Planch. in Ann. Sci. Nat. Ser. 3. 10:277. 1848.
Deciduous tree with spreading branches; vegetative buds acute longer than 3 mm; short lateral shoots with 3-5 leaves; leaves elliptic, abruptly acute or acuminate, 6-14 cm long, teeth arching with 2-4 secondary teeth, upper surface pubescent, lower densely pubescent, leaf base strongly oblique petiole 6-10 mm long; flowers appearing before leaves, in clusters on on elongated infl axis; pedicel 1-3 mm long, elongating to 5 mm in fruit; perianth lobes oblong, ciliate; stamens 5-6; samara orbicular-obovate, 12-15 mm long, narrowed below.
Photographed from Harwan, Kashmir in May, 2012, alt. 1700 m

Nice pics of a tree that is now rare in Kashmir. Which part of Harwan? Is it inside Dachigam NP?

This tree is in the park itself just below the bund, where channel (small) gate is there.


SK 3821 27 July 2023: 2 images.

Location: Taplejung, East Nepal 
Date: July 2023
Elevation: 1600 m.
Habit : Wild

Images sent by Sajan Subedi

Pl. check:

Ulmus wallichiana Planch. ??

Yes, appears close