Mussaenda hirsutissima (Hook.f.) Hutch. ex Gamble, Fl. Madras 610 1921. (Syn: Mussaenda frondosa var. hirsutissima Hook.f.);
Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu as per BSI Flora of India Checklist;
India as per Catalogue of Life;


High Wavy Ranges flora 30092012 TBN 1 Mussaenda glabrata for validation:
Please identify this plant? Mussaenda glabrata details of which are as follows:

Date : 18/08/201
Location: High Wavy Ranges, Theni dt Tamilnadu :
Altitude : approx. 5000 ft
Habitat :along stream, evergreen forest
Habit :shrub
Height :3 to 4 ft
Leaves :opposite hairy with white ?modified sepal
Flowers :orangish
Fruits : not seen
Local name :do not know

Can it be Mussaenda hirsutissima ?

Appears same as Mussaenda hirsutissima as stated by … & as confirmed in the following thread by … & … on … post:
efi thread
Pl. confirm.


Rubiaceae Week :: Mussaenda sp from Munnar:
Long back i had photographed this plant at Munnar and these are the only snaps available. Thought of sharing with you all.
Looks like some Mussaenda sp. Photographed in wild..
Date: 22-11-2006

Looks Mussaenda to me too. Excellent close-up … The central portion looks different (or perhaps never saw this close); very beautiful and interesting.

Please check Mussaenda hirsutissima.

I too think it is Mussaenda hirsutissima

Mussaenda sp. at Munnar- PKA52 : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3) – around 500 kb each.
This Mussaenda sp. was seen at Shola Forest neat Munnar. Its Large climbing shrub.
Could this be Mussaenda hirsutissima ?? (Family: Rubiaceae),
Kindly validate the ID..

Yes it is