Achyrospermum wallichianum (Benth.) Benth. ex Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 4: 673 1885. (Syn: Teucrium wallichianum Benth.);

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Please help me to ID this herb.
This was found in the semievergreen habitat of chirang Rf, assam
Plant were about 9-15 cm.
Date/Time: 26-10-2010
Habitat: Wild
Plant Habit: Herb

Does it belong to the genus Strobilanthes? Experts please help.

Your plant is Achyrospermum densiflorum (Lamiaceae).

Achyrospermum densiflorum affirmative

I think it should be Achyrospermum wallichianum (Benth.) Benth. ex Hook.f. as per post by …: Fl. Arunachal_Achyrospermum wallichianum_RKC01_27102012 & as per keys in Flora of China.
Further Flora of China does not give distribution of Achyrospermum densiflorum Blume in India.

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Does not match with any Anisomeles species at /species/a—l/l/lamiaceae/anisomeles

I am not sure, but it would be Achyrospermum wallichianum.

Thank you! It is a good lead, I have to check it. Images seems similar.

Thanks, …, for id. To me also appear close to images at Achyrospermum wallichianum


Achyrospermum wallichianum (Benth.) Benth. ex Hook.f.
Loc.: Upper Siang distt, Arunachal Pradesh
Date: October, 2005.

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A herb found growing on the banks of Siang river, East Siang distt, Arunachal Pradesh.
Flowering in mid November.
Unfortunately only these two pics available!
Please identify

Lamiaceae member, …, take a look at once AR flora for exact,

Thanks for the lead … Unfortunately I don’t have access to Flower of Arunachal. Is anything available online?

You’re welcome …, sorry I too haven’t flora of Arunachal Pradesh,
finally, as per my observation your plant is Achyrospermum wallichianum,
check once you too with the link,

Great! I think you are right! The number of veins on the leaves decide against Achyrospermum densiflorum


Requesting I’d of Ajuga sp.: 3 high res. images.

I have come across an ajuga with unique morphological characteristics. I tried to identify the species but in vain. Your suggestions would be highly appreciated. Kindly check the attached photographs.

I do not think it is Ajuga:

It looks like something else.

Does not look like Ajuga !

Thank you. I will check other lamiaceae genera if it matches.

Resambles Achyrospermum. I had misidentified. Thank you.

Yes, you appear to be right.

Only one species is listed in BSI Flora of India.
I guess you are right


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