Pachystachys spicata (Ruiz & Pav.) Wassh., Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash. 99: 175 1986. (Syn: Justicia spicata Ruiz & Pav.; Pachystachys asperula Nees; Pachystachys latior Nees; Pachystachys riedeliana Nees);

Need identification : Attachments (1). 2 posts by 2 authors.

This is a potted plant
Need to know the name of this red flower

Pachystachys spicata


Acanthaceae for identification 090911MK01: Please help me to identify this Acanthaceae member planted as ornamental in a garden. Earlier … of our forum have also uploaded this plant from Chennai. Is this Pachystachys sp.?

Place: Sivakasi town of southern TN
Date: 01 Sep 2011

Kindly refer the earlier discussion

I think it is Pachystachys spicata (Syn.: Pachystachys coccinea)

Jacobinia by any chance?


Id of flower ID 26062013SH3 : Attachments (1). 3 posts by 2 authors.

Posting a photo of  Garden Flower for Id.
Date – 3.5.2009
Location-  UICT, Mumbai

Attached are pictures of Pachystachys spicata captured at VJTI, Flower Show 2013 in February 2013.

Requested to validate the ID.

Your ID is correct.


Common name Cardinal’s Guard.
Seen at Royal Botanic Gardens, Peradeniya.

SK1707 08 Jan 2019 : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)- 5 mb.
Location : Sentosa , Singapore
Date : 18 October 2012
Altitude  131 m.
Habit : Cultivated
Justicia sp. ??

Yes, Justicia.

Pachystachys spicata (Ruiz & Pav.) Wassh. ??

Appears so as per images at /species/a—l/a/acanthaceae/pachystachys/pachystachys-spicata


070311-PR- For ID help-Chennai.: Please help me id this shrub growing in a park in Chennai.

Could be one of the Pachystachys species.

Thank-you .., it is Pachystachys spicata also called P. coccinea.
It was in the park you took us around, Nageswara Rao Park.
You will be unhappy to hear that they have drastically chopped the branches of the Cocoloba uvifera. It has been almost covered by a Prosopis juliflora.
The Clusia rosea is blooming now. I’ll post the pics separately.

Pachystachys spicata & Pachystachys coccinea are two different species as per The Plant List:”

Phlogacanthus grandis Bedd. ??

This is Pachystachys spicata (Ruiz & Pav.) Wassh.
Phlogacanthus grandis is different as per



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