Cupressus torulosa D.Don, Prodr. Fl. Nepal. 55 1825. (Syn. Athrotaxis joucadan Carrière; Cupressus austrotibetica Silba; Cupressus corneyana Knight & Perry ex Carrière; Cupressus doniana Hook.f.; Cupressus duclouxiana subsp. austrotibetica (Silba) Silba; Cupressus flagelliformis Knight; Cupressus funebris subsp. tonkinensis (Silba) Silba; Cupressus gigantea subsp. ludlowii (Silba) Silba .; Cupressus karnaliensis Silba ..; Cupressus lusitanica subsp. kuluensis Silba ..; Cupressus majestica Knight; Cupressus nepalensis Loudon; Cupressus sempervirens var. indica Parl. .; Cupressus tongmaiensis Silba .; Cupressus tonkinensis Silba; Cupressus tournefortii Ten.; Cupressus whitleyana Carrière; Juniperus gracilis Carrière [Illegitimate]; Juniperus pendula Parl.; Sabina corneyana Antoine; Thuja curviramea Miq.);
Himalayan Cypress, Bhutan Cypress • Nepali: राज सल्लो Raj sallo;

Cupressus torulosa, known as the Himalayan cypress or Bhutan cypress, is a species of cypress in southern Asia. It is a large tree, up to 45 m (148 ft) high.[1]

The Himalayan cypress is an evergreen conifer tree species is found on limestone terrain in the western Himalaya from 300–2,800 metres (980–9,200 ft).[2][1] Information on its distribution further east is conflicting. It may occur in Sichuan, China and in Vietnam.[2] However, according “Conifers of Vietnam“, only cultivated trees exist in Vietnam,[3] and the “Flora of China” reports it from Tibet, but not from Sichuan.[1]
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The plant is burnt as an incense[51, 158]. The leaves are used[272]. Wood – moderately hard, very durable. Used for general construction[51, 61, 158, 272].
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cupressus torulosa:
cupressus torulosa. binsar wildlife sanctuary uttarakhand, last week

Cupressus torulosa D. Don
Tree with drooping branches, bright to blue-green somewhat acute leaves and small 10-12 mm across female cones.
Photographed from Kashmir.

GYMNOSPERMS FORTNIGHT :: Cupressus sp. from Shimla-NS 12 :  Attachments (4).  4 posts by 3 authors.
This tall tree was found from Shimla.. I am sorry that pics are not clear as this was well away..
Can this be Cupressus cashmeriana ?

Looks similar to C. torulosa uploaded by me.

Cupressus cashmereana is now considered synonymous to Cupressus torulosa but I have my doubts. Photos of the female cones in this photo are of very low resolution. More close-up photos of the female cones with high resolution are required


Gymnosperm Fortnight: Cupressus torulosa: 121213: GSG-02 :  Attachments (2). 1 post by 1 author.
Cupressus torulosa, the Pencil Cedar, is locally known as ‘Devidiar’.

Not much info. to share about this plant except for the photographs.. ID pl.
Location: Joshimath

Cupressus sp.

Cupressus species so far in efi

Seems to be Cupressus torulosa

It seems me too, Cupressus torulosa

Really lovely capture …  likely to be Cupressus torulosa..

To me also it seems C.torulosa which is the only wild species in Uttarakhand and common in Joshimath.

Cupressus torulosa D. Don
Tree with drooping branches, bright to blue-green somewhat acute leaves and small 10-12 mm across female cones. Photographed from Kashmir.

Gymnosperms Fortnight: Cupressaceae- Cupressus sp. for ID from Chakrata-GS-12 :  Attachments (3). 3 posts by 2 authors.
Cupressus sp. for ID, photographed from Chakrata. 

Cupressus species so far in efi. 

Cupressus torulosa

I am sharing these pics from wild, near Kamptie Fall in Mussoorie…
please help to reach the id, this looks like a Cupressus to me.. can this be C. sempervirens

Cupressus species in efi  

If it is wild it should be C.torulosa which is the only wild species in Uttarakhand. C.sempervirens is a mediterranean species []

Thanks … for this help… this was from wild, I will take this as C. torulosa


Cypressus torulosa/ABMAR17 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (5)

This tree is good 40 feet tall and stands nearby where I live. It looks solid and has a serrated bark. For long I thought it to be the Himalayan Juniper but looking closely today I think it is a Cypress. I found a fallen twig and couple of dry mature fruits and brought them home to photograph. Please advise.

Cypressus torulosa (Himalayan Cypress)
Above Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, HP
1800m approx.
15 March 2015

I think you are right …, please do a small correction in generic epithet..Cupressus in place of Cypressus..

Thank you … I should have typed Cupressus, my mistake.

SK 3077 25 October 2021: 1 very high res. images.

Location: Rara, Nepal
Altitude:  2957m.
Date: 20 August 2021 

Habit : Wild 

Cupressus torulosa D. Don in Lamb ??

Looks different as per images at Cupressus torulosa

Pl. check Juniperus

Cupressus torulosa

In that case these must be unripe female cones as per Conifers (Female cones globose or elliptic, grouped on very short stalks, 10-20 mm across, green or purple when young, later turning dark brown, composed of 6-8(10) scales, with a small central depression and a small, triangular, reflexed mucro).


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