Aster peduncularis subsp. nepalensis Grierson, Not. B. G. Edinb.
26: 95 (1964). ;



Help required……………………..: I need the original descriptions of Spilanthes ciliata by Kunth and Aster peduncularis subsp. nepalensis by Grierson. Can anyone help me with the literature?

Type of Spilanthes cilita is placed at HERBARIUM MUSEI PARISIENSIS (P), attaching herewith.
and original description is from Nova Genera et Species Plantarum (folio ed.) 4: 208 (1820) is also attached.
and along with this please find  

Type of Aster peduncularis ssp. nepalensis Grierson placed at

Natural History Museum (BM):

I hope this will help …..


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