Caryophyllaceae Week: Silene coeli-rosa from Kashmir: Silene coeli-rosa (L.) Godr., J. C. M. Grenier & D. A. Godron, Fl. France 1:221. 1847 “caeli-rosa
syn: Agrostemma coeli-rosa L. ; Eudianthe coeli-rosa (L.) Endl.; Lychnis coeli-rosa (L.) Desr.
Common name: Rose-of-heaven
Glabrous annual herb up to 50 cm tall; leaves linear, long-acuminate, 3-7 cm long; flowers rose-red, 25-30 mm across, on long slender pedicels, in irregular dichasia; calyx club-shaped, 15-20 mm long, contracted towards tip, veins prominent, teeth filiform; petals slightly notched at tip, with bifid scales at the base of limb above claw; styles 5; capsules included. 
Cultivated herb, Photographed from Kashmir.