How do I get to Dr. V. Singh ji’s “Monograph on Indian Leucas” ?

you can purchase this book online


I have not seen this book in any library also

Yes, Gurcharan ji … agreed that the price is too high for me to just understand the difference between these 3 species:
Leucas aspera, L. lavandulifolia, and L. zeylanica AND not sure if L. longifoilia also comes close to these.
Probably some good photosets of each from those who are familiar with all the four species is the ONLY help for me !

It is an indicator that time has come to establish “Efloraindia Publications” with profit sharing to every stakeholder. 😉

The cost of the book at Scientific Publishers (if purchased online) is Rs. 1665 (c. 33 USD)
I have used the monograph and found it very useful in identifying Leucas in India. It is supplied with simple keys, detailed descriptions and lucid illustrations.