world enviroment day…: On this world environment day today… I want to say something

I am sensitive and sentimental about trees and plants, i am true nature lover but i have to confess that i hate my self that i am helpless , i can’t save my beloved tress from cutting down, can’t do anything…

Mining project was declared in our district, we , member of Nature club prepared list of Endangered, endemic, rare, medicinal plants, plants of cultural importance & orchids, and with letter describing importance of these plants, in ecosystem, we sent it to Ministry..but what is the use???…

land owner got money doing nothing, businessman got land for low cost and were profitted

and ministry was benefitted too….

Mine is set up right in the’ heart of forest’ and we have to see ‘heaps of soi’l in the place of beautiful tall trees… we are helpless…

why go so far…every day i have to see people carrying wooden logs for fuel wood..explaination is..we can’t afford to buy fuel gas or kerosine… i am helpless

people are burning leaves under tree..when tried to tell him..he shouted ..its my land and my tree…mind your own business and go now..helpless again

last year when we were enjoying holidays, about 100 year old Jackfruit tree which was tall and 1+m diameter, with dense canopy was cut down and converted in to logs, in my school campus..

it is so sad, the tree was my best beloved friend, part of my life,i could neither eat nor could concentrate on my lecture…i would have followed chikoo movement too for my beloved friend

but unfortunately, it was holiday..i was helpless

this year situation was same, mango tree in school campus are cut but fortunately, i reached school to rescue orchids on cut tree which were still alive…

how can i i wish happy environment day when i am not happy myself

Yes …, I am also feeling helpless when big trees are cut in front of us and we can’t do anything to save them. Sometime I think if the poor trees could talk and protest, make union.
Only we can pray that good sense prevail on whoever destroying our forests.