Edible Sea Weed: Is there a Sea Weed easily available that is edible and consumable for human consumption.
Are any of such edible weeds available in the mangroves?

According to my colleagues, Sarwanto and Dwi Sunu Widyartini, there are many edible seaweeds such as: Gracilaria verucosa, G. gigas, Gelydium, Hypnea etc. One of the most popular seaweed in Indonesia is Eucheuma spinosum which is used for a kind of ice drink. As far as I know, there is almost no sea weeds in mangrove. They grow on corral reef.

Yes, you are right.Mangroves does not have sea weeds.In the coral reef or after coral reef ( when sea get more depth) seeds are found. When they are detached with substratum,they float on the sea,during high tide come to coastal area or in between if mangrove plants is their, they get attached to pneumatophores or young plants. In these process sometimes during low tide sea weeds get dry and due to entangle of sea weeds young plants may die.
Along Western Coast of India in Gulf of Kutchh,these commonly seen.