Yesterday i was eating an orange and then: A very warm hello to everyone…Hope you all are fine…
Yesterday i was eating an orange and then a question arose in my mind..I thought why all the oranges have same shape…Why all are spherical or rounded…Why not some of them are elongated like banana or so big like cucurbita…My querry is that does the type of genes which regulate the size and the shape of a fruit are identified or they are still to be discovered…So can anyone give me information about such genes by taking an example of an orange or an apple or any other fruit..I will be highly thankful..

A really great question have struck your mind. This a question which plant biologists are trying to answer since a long time. There is a / multiple gene behind every phenotypic expression hence fruit shape and size is not an exception. I am attaching 3 papers answering your question. One is quite old from 1959 and the most recent one is 2011. I think reading this papers will surely help you to understand the answer to your own question.

… gave some scientific logic. I wanted to give something basic.
But I am glad you didnt notice your hand while eating and ask why you dont have 6 fingers!!
Just kidding….
Yes this is true that all characters are dependent on genes. But there is a simple logic of equilibrium of state. Why earth is round, because it is at the state of equilibrium with respect to gravitational force and other forces exerted by other planets and sun.
Similar fruits attain a shape which may be the best possible with least effort. To me orange is actually rounded but as it is strongly connected in the centre across the ends, it turns flat on two ends. It also depends on the patterns of growth and the placentation in the ovary. Which all depends on genes.
Sometimes shape also depends on the location of style and stigma thats why apple is depressed on one side and Mango is protruding.
Hope I didnt bore much.

Thank you …. I think understanding genes is one of the very difficult and interesting efforts in this field…
But suppose if we identify the genes responsible for the shape and size of a particular fruit,say an orange, and we make some changes in the sequences,so that the next progeny produce oranges of different shape,say like banana,…….could this be possible?

There are many things that can be done. But are indians ready to handle it?
Lets say Lemon doesnt have Vitamin K so we induce a Vitamin K producing gene from Guava to Lemon!! but again the question is But are indians ready to handle it?

Please let the orange be an orange, and the banana be a banana. Changing these will be against nature’s tune and may lead to unnatural consequences. As Pankaj said the genetic modifications are already in practice in order to make a particular variety to be resistant to a particular disease or to have a particular nutrient in it or to produce a particular flowers and so on. Imagine if you have all ten fingers in equal length…

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