List of poisonous plants and the puffer fish:

I often read about toxic properties of various plants posted in this group. It makes me wonder do we have any such list – a list of medicinal plants, a list of poisonous plants, a list of weeds… so on.
I remember, in 1984, at Bally (Howrah), a few people died out of consuming puffer fish, as far as i can remember this fish was known as TANPA MACH in Bengali – The news made me curious to know about more on puffer fish. At that time i read that it was a sort of delicacy in Japan, but i don’t know if it is a fact or not.
Before i search for list of poisonous plants let me see the puffer fish first, google offers –
Well, that is enough for me. Now, let me turn to flora world and search if any list of poisonous plants is available in the net –
Do we have such a list in this group? Or any book, authenticated by Indian Govt. or by any recognized university?