Orchid Accessories: Just wanted to share some pics of Orchid Accessories from Singapore
Botanic Gardens. Hope you all will like them.

Costly but Lovely Ornaments

Actually they were not so costly. In the garden they were at reasonable rates. But yes outside at the WOC venue they were costly.
The metal ones are actually supposed to be gold plaited.

I like the crystal show piece they are awesome

These are real orchid flowers inside the fibre glass. Its good and it can remain like this forever. They even had bangles, earrings, pendants etc etc….

Yes this shop concept has not hit Indian botanical gardens.. and volunteers and friends of the garden…
but if there were volunteers and friends of gardens and were strong large numbers… … the garden officials would need to be transparent and more knowledgeable.. .. and no shadowy practices prevalent right now here…

… not really, In calcutta we a shop that sells these… the pendants in the lower picture are around 400 to 600 rupees depending on the size..of the flower…

…: what a coincidence.. this got in my conscious thought today.. i saw the shop during my evening walk… they have been around for a year!!!!

the shop exclusively sells the ceramicized orchid jewelry and flower stems in little vases, all starting at 400 rupees INR to about 1000 INR and for the orchid spray about 2000 INR…

and they call themselves .. Dendrobium Imports!!!

I thought it was very funny that just today you showed us the new things and then within a few hours i “saw” the shop …. they have been here for the last year they claim… never saw them…!!!

I guess one sees things when ones consciousness is expanded and awareness increased….