I am happy to announce that Third Edition of my book Plant Systematics Theory and Practice has been released this month.
This third edition for the first time has improvements over 3rd International Edition “Plant Systematics An Integrated Approach” because of some developments after October 2009 when that edition had gone for publication.
1. It incorporates 2009 Classification of Takhtajan published just before his death.
2. It incorporates APG III classification published in 2009
3. It incorporates the important decisions of Melbourne Botanical Congress 2011, some of which were kindly communicated by Dr. Prithipal Singh a few days back. The official version of Code will be published after a few months.

I would appreciate feedback from you.

The contents are really up to date. One of my friend was asking me which is the latest system of plant classification. Now i got the answer. thanks a lot

I have gone through your earlier books, latest edition, I am sure will have loads of additional information. Accept my sincere congrats for this achievement…

Thanks friends for your appreciation and interest

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Your books were the main source of reference for teaching Plant taxonomy in our college. Myself also followed this book in many regards, when I worked as a Guest lecturer in my own college to teach Plant taxonomy. I would like to buy a copy. How can I get one??

Here is the list of stockists and dealers.

Plant Systematics: Theory and Practice: The Indian edition of Dr. Gurcharan Singh’s book (‘Plant Systematics: Theory and Practice’) is just released. I hope this will be a good one for UG as well as PG students to understand taxonomy in simple language.


Plant Systematics Theory and Practice Fourth Edition : 6 posts by 6 authors. Attachments (1)

It gives me great pleasure to inform my friends that Fourth Edition of my Book Plant Systematics, Theory and Practice has just been published. This 2021 edition is thoroughly updated with latest developments in the field of Systematics including latest APG IV  (2016) and updated APWeb (2019 and onwards), latest ICN {Shenzhen, 2018), PhyloCode (2014),  PPG 1 (2016), adding sufficient new information as compared to Third Edition published in 2012.
    The book as compared to Fourth International Edition Plant Systematics, An Integrated Approach, published in 2019 (whose Indian reprint was also published but on price three times the present Indian Edition} , retains double column format and normal BIGGER FONT for convenient reading. It also deals with selected families prescribed in Indian Degree and Postgraduate courses with type study of some major Indian representatives. Each family also has its placement indicated according to all major systems of classification. I hope this arrangement will benefit the readers.
Always looking forward to your comments and suggestions for further improvement, which are my greatest strength and source of continued inspiration.

Great continued work, …
You remain an inspiration to everybody here in efloraofindia.

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