PLANT TAXONOMY PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE a book on taxonomy Edited by Rajni Gupta: PLANT TAXONOMY PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE a book on taxonomy Edited by Rajni Gupta had released in International Submit of TERI.

Plant TaxonomyPast, present, and future


Rajni Gupta

Assistant Professor, Department of Botany

Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi, New Delhi

Plant Taxonomy: past, present, and future

contains various contributions from stalwarts in the field of plant taxonomy,

which focus on different aspects of this field. Each contribution has been written based on thorough research, and includes

recent developments such as molecular taxonomy and barcoding. Interesting aspects of naming plants, speciation, molecular aspects of plant identification, and e-flora have been dealt with in an elaborate manner. In addition, a chapter is dedicated to the genesis of botanical names and the meaning of the names of plants found in Delhi.

This book is a Festschrift brought out in honour of Dr Prithipalsingh on his 65th birthday for his dedication and devotion to

this subject for almost 40 years.

Key Features:

• Essays on different aspects of plant taxonomy

• Focus on the meaning of Latin names of plants in simplified terms

• Extensive coverage of folklore taxonomy and its importance for understanding intellectual property

• Comprehensive discussion on molecular taxonomy and barcoding of plants

• Unique coverage on the future of floristic documentation—e-flora


• Ethnobotanical Noah’s Ark

• Plant nomenclature: an overview

• Plants of Delhi: Scientific Names and their Meaning

• Species and Speciation

• Modern Tools for identification of Plants

• Plant Taxonomy in Plant Genetic Resource Management

• Indigenous Knowledge of Plants and Biopiracy in India

• Herbaria and Data Information Systems in Plant Taxonomy

• Phylogenetic Systematics

• Plant Anatomy in Relation to Taxonomy

• Chemotaxonomy

• Cytotaxonomy and its Evolution of Orchidaceae and Cyperaceae

• Palynology: Timeline

• Role of Molecular Markers in Evaluation of Plant diversity

• E-flora: the Future of Floristic Documentation


Students, Researchers, and Professionals of Botany, Life Sciences, and Environmentalists and Naturalists


Botany, Plant Taxonomy, Life Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Studies

For orders and enquiries please contact:

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI),

TERI Press

Darbari Seth Block, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110 003, India

Telephone: +91-11-2468 2100, 4150 4900 Fax: +91-11-2468 2144, 2468 2145 Email:


This book has a chapter by me:
“eFlora- The Future of Floristic documentation”
I will communicate relevant portions concerning our group and Flowers of India soon after I receive a copy of this book. Tomorrow there is a function in K M College for the release of this book and to honour Dr. Prithipal Singh who retired from that College last year.

Dr. Gurcharan Singh

I would like to share that there is a third members of our group Dr. Anil Kumar, our grass specialist and member of moderator team who has a chapter in this book under the title “Phylogenetic Systematics” . Congratulations Anil ji.
Here are the photographs of the function held yesterday to release this book.

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