Propagation of important native tree species: Welcome to Ambika Nursery
Who are we?
We Ambika Nursery produce thousands of trees each year for reforestation and other plantings across Maharashtra. We’ve been in the tree business for over six years. Our first nursery established at Mangalwedha in 2006 and look forward to furnishing planting stock for many years to come. Quality is an important issue when you’re looking to purchase plants from Nursery. Nevertheless, we have quality nursery plant for any landscaping, Garden, Afforestation and Plantation. We offer affordable prices for healthy plants like Wildflowers, Native Plants, Fruit Trees, Medicinal Plants, Bio-fuel trees, Avenue trees, Pulpwood trees, Shrubs, Flowering Trees, Shade Trees, Deciduous trees, Foliage Trees, Fast Growing Trees, Water Plants, Seedlings, Flowering Shrubs and Native Grasses as per the order. Whether you want to reforest Timberland or create a Windbreak, improve Wildlife Habitat or just enjoy the feeling of planting trees, we hope we can serve you. We also offer wholesale Ayurvedic plants and wetland plants, wholesale perennials climbers and shade plants also at very affordable prices and excellent quality as per the order. Our Plant availability is large enough to accommodate large orders.

Our Mission
“Restore, Manage, Protect and Conserve wildlife habitats of Maharashtra and forested ecosystems to sustain our natural resources and connect people (‘Marathi Manus’) to the land.”

Our Goals and Objectives
“Restore, manage, protect and conserve Maharashtra’s trees, forests, and forested ecosystems to sustain our natural resources. Preserve Maharashtra’s existing forest land base and promote establishment of new forests to support healthy populations of indigenous (Native plants) and animals across diverse and ecologically functional landscapes. Promote sustainable forestry management including compatible economic uses on Maharashtra’s private and public forest lands. Target ecologically sensitive lands for forest conservation or
restoration. Support the restoration goals of Maharashtra’s water sources and promote sustainable forestry to provide clean water, soil and nutrient stabilization, and sequestration of carbon through actively growing forests and tree biomass. Support the maintenance of diverse forest economic activities and the forest products industry to provide for ecological and economic benefits of the state’s forests. Provide comprehensive and balanced conservation education on forest sustainability to landowners, teachers, students, communities, organizations, and government. Increase and protect tree canopy cover in urban areas and improve community life by reducing air pollution. Work with government agencies, utilities, community groups, and individual citizens to expand/protect urban tree resources.”

Native trees grown in the Ambika nursery provide many benefits to environment. All the year we are watering, fertilizing and weeding the seedlings. The single plant that is a tree seedling soon becomes an ecosystem unto itself, with animals and other plants living in it and on it. If you plant many trees, closely spaced, you have the
beginnings of a forest. Many different animals and plants will live there and great benefits will be provided. Whether you want to reforest timberland or create a windbreak, improve wildlife habitat or just enjoy the feeling of planting trees, we hope we can serve you.
The further you plant tree or shrub seedlings of Non Natives’ it will develop adverse effect on environment.

Seed collection Purchase and sell
Native trees are one of the keys to having healthy woodland. To improve quality of Native trees we are collecting seeds from forests and wildlife areas with the help of Tribes, villagers and BPL peoples.
Growing seedlings requires attention to nature’s schedule. Hence, Seeds are harvested seasonally throughout year as per the requirement. It’s a never ending cycle and healthy seeds. Seedlings are being
planted across the state. You can buy and seeds from us or sell to us.
To know more contact us.

Green Gold Movement !!!
We start this movement for the villages to generate extra income. We will help them to set up nursery of Native plants, sell their plants. We provide seeds, Nursery bags, soil and labor to GGM members and Below Poverty Line (BPL) peoples to start nursery business. We welcome villagers to become members of GGM. To know more contact us.

How to Book your Order:-
If you required any native and exotic tree species at wholesale rate. You are at right time and at right place. You just have to do is visit our website and contact us. Inform us about your order/requirement. Tell us Scientific name/English name/Local Name of plant species and talk about height of sampling. Confirm your requirement. Pay 50% money to us in advance by cheque or DD. Your order will be confirmed when we
received money from you. As soon as samplings ready it will be transport to your place.

Rameshwar Fugare
Ambika Nursery,
Karkhana(Sugar Factory) Road, Near Filter Tank,
Mangalwedha, Dist-Solapur 413305.
Mobile No:- +919960898946


propagation of plants: we have started a nursery of indigenous plants and starts propogating
plants like
Pterocarpus santalinus
P.marsupium var marsupium.
To know more about it please find an attachment of google earth file.(.kmz) or visit



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