mushrooms: yesterday I attended a mushroom-excursion. I shall send the fotos one by one, as soon as I get some time. We found many edible mushrooms. People here normally look for edible mushrooms, other mushrooms which are poisonous or not goodtasting, they just ignore, which means, one perhaps gets to know the names but not other properties. I tried as far as possible to make fotos of all mushrooms and noted the names AND keep with the group. Today I found one link, which may be useful for mushroom-friends. Under this link you can search mushrooms by fotos.
Well, the text is german but you can let google translate it. If there is any sentence, which is not translated meaningful und you do want to know what it says, just let me know it, I shall try to translate it for you. Please keep in mind that my english is a bit bumpy.

Here is the link.

Yesterday I prepared one mushrooms soup, I am still alive. Today there is more to come.


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