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Mandir Mein Phool Chadhane Gaye Toh Ehsas Hua Ki, Patharo Ki Khushi Ke Liye Phoolo Ka Qatal Kar Aaye Hum… Mitane Gaye The Paap Jaha Wahi Ek Aur Paap Kar Aaye Hum…!!!

This is my pet peeve here …
people come out in droves starting at 4 am
they are all well to do upper middle class
including some well known (to us at least) IAS IFS officers and their wives
some are car dealers clothes merchants computer store owners etc
steal /kill flowers from shrubs trees along their walking paths
they are often armed with curved handled iron bars (to lower the branches easily) and plastic bags often break /uproot plants

they strip all the trees and shrub as far as my eyes can see,
even my small shrubs inside my own buildings enclosures
ie thievery
all in the name of GOD
for their PUJA
they think they gain brownie points with the GODs, the universe
what they do not realize they are perpetrating crime against mother nature

Not only this is unethical to steal from others
its also cruel to the tree and flowers
its cruel to the honey seeking pollinators
and the next generation… all flowers are stripped from the locality
the pollinators stop coming to these areas
the trees do not produce any fruits
no second generation from seeds
no new permutations of the genetic code
only cuttings to be rooted …

and at the end of puja tonnes of rotting garbage…

… you have found a nice shere/couplet … very appropriate thanks
lets see what others say or feel
looking forward to hearing from one and all here at eflora

True concern … and well said …, there are many a rituals and ceremonies which come as a death sentence to poor flowers and fruits, and twigs and leaves…they are sacrificed for gaining “prabhu kirpa”.

Gurbani deals this matter in the following way:
The gardener plucks the flowers and leaves..
But he hardly knows that each leaf is a deity..
The living flower is sacrificed for non-living piece of rock..
Brahma is the branch, Vishnu is the leaf and the flower is Shankar (Mahadev)
He clearly plucks all these to serve whom…
All these concerns are overruled when comes the religion, the beliefs and the age old rituals..
Still I feel, growing flowers for offering to Almighty is not bad, the really bad is destroying the flower bearing plants and other trees without exactly knowing their status…
The thing which disturbs me (and almost every individual who cares for mother earth) is the uncontrolled plastic pollution of and around the sacred places.
This requires participation from all our people…every body should strive to keep this earth habitable, till it’s too late to rectify…



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