Taxonomic monograph on Impatiens L. (Balsaminaceae) of Western Ghats, India:

In continuation of my discussion with you today, I am happy to inform that My book on “Taxonomic Monograph on Impatiens L. (Balsaminaceae) of Western Ghats – the key genus for endemism” has been published during March 2012 (ISBN No.978-93-5067-257-0). This book provides a taxonomic treatment of 106 species and 13 infra-specific taxa including 12 additional new species and 7 new varieties of wild balsams described by the author from Western Ghats. Elaborate keys are provided to all the taxa falling under seven Sections. Besides detailed taxonomic treatment, the book also provides information on pollen and seed morphological characters, chromosome numbers, embryo sac type and special anatomical characters, if any, which are shown to be reliable tool for correct identification of species in Impatiens. This kind of taxonomic treatment based on both macro-morphological and micro-morphological characters was very much required in this genus.

This book embodies over 170 colour plates. Each plate is dedicated to one species comprising both macro–morphological and micro-morphological characters such as habit, dissected flower parts, fruits, seeds, seed hair morphology, pollen morphology, chromosome numbers and in some cases anatomical and embryo sac types. The chromosome numbers have been reported for 76 species, including satellite taxa of which 37 are fresh counts and chromosome numbers of 25 species are first reports. Nearly 95 species have been palynologically analysed, out of which pollen morphology of 88 species is done exclusively by the author including 21 first reports. Very interesting seed hair morphological characters which have great taxonomic value in classifying Impatiens have been reported for the first time in most of the brown seeded species in the Sections: ‘Scapigerae’, ‘Microsepalae’, ‘Tomentosae’, ‘Sub-umbellatae’ and ‘Racemosae’. Taxonomic note is provided under each species discussing about its inter-relationships.
Impatiens species in Western Ghats are categorized for their Threat Status as per IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria (Version 3.1 of 2001). Out of 106 species of Impatiens in Western Ghats, 103 species are endemic to peninsular India, about 37 species (including varieties) fall under the Category of critically endangered, about 36 species under the category of endangered and 17 species under vulnerable status. Urgent measures are suggested to protect their habitats in Western Ghats.
Dr. R. Raghavendra Rao, INSA Hon. Scientist, a renowned taxonomist, has provided the foreword. The book is dedicated to Sir. J.D. Hooker who dedicated his last 11 years for classifying world species of Impatiens. The book is priced at INR.4990/-(USD200/-), excluding packing and mailing charges.
I hope you would recommend to buy this book to your esteemed institution/Department/library for the benefit of those interested in the field of Biodiversity conservation, taxonomy and biosystematics, ecology, phytogeography, evolution, palynology, cytology, anatomy and embryology of endemic and endangered flowering plant species. Please find attached a brochure showing the cover page, summary of work and an ORDER FORM.
P.S.: See the Book Review in J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 6(1):315-316.2012.

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 I am looking for “Taxonomic Monograph on Impatiens L. (Balsaminaceae) of Western Ghats South India: The Key Genus for Endemism/Bhaskar PB ISBN; 9789350672570” by Bhaskar Veeralinga. I had spoken to Dr. Veeralinga about it but by then the book was out of print. He informed me that he was working on a 2nd edition, and that he would inform me when it was done. Unfortunately, he passed away recently. It is a sad loss to the community. I also have no idea if the 2nd edition was completed. 
Recently, I found the book (first edition) on the NHBS website but when we sent them a purchase order we were informed that it was out of stock.

Does anyone have any information on either of the two editions?

I have no inf.

Thank you. However, I’m hoping someone in the group does as my understanding is that this was a pretty unique monograph on Indian Impatiens, or at least of Impatiens from the Western Ghats.

I don’t have exact information, but I am afraid Dr. Bhaskar was unable to finish second edition of his book.
To add something positive, I recently prepared a file helping in determination of balsams growing in Nepal (attached).
For most taxa literature and links to pictures are given.
If any of eFI readers find this file helpful, and have ResearchGate account, please leave your comment on my profile.  
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Ups… Sorry, wrong file.
This will be next, more readable version in future :-).
Proper Excel file attached 
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